41 Ideas & Tips for Organizing Your Jewelry

41 Ideas & Tips for Organizing Your Jewelry

The storage of your jewelry is often a real headache. We are all familiar with tangled necklaces, solitary earrings, rings or loose watches. Every morning, it’s hell to find THE bracelet or THE earrings you want to match your outfit. You can find it all over the house: on the nightstand, the entrance console, in the bathroom or even in your handbag.

And yet you have a plethora of jewelry boxes cluttering you up. But how can you store your jewelry simply and efficiently to take care of it, show it off and find it quickly? Discover practical and elegant jewelry storage ideas to put some order in your pearls and diamonds.

Whether it is a fancy model or a more prestigious one, watch lovers like to take the greatest care of it. It is therefore important to find the appropriate storage for each collection .

1 – A customizable watch storage box

PURCHASE: Wooden watch storage: from € 110.88

Classic and timeless, this wooden storage is a pretty box to display your watches.

You can personalize it with the engraving of your choice. A great gift idea for Father’s Day, what do you say?

2 – A groundhog for frequent travelers

PURCHASE: Groundhog for watches: € 49.95

To travel or simply to store them, the groundhog is the ideal accessory to store your watches. It protects them from bumps and scratches . The principle of the groundhog is simple and rather ingenious. Unfolded, it allows you to see your watches and take them out. Then, all you have to do is roll the groundhog on itself and close it with the lace to store them.

3 – Drawer dividers for large collections

For true watch enthusiasts, it is possible to dedicate an entire drawer to the storage of their little wonders.

If that’s your case, opt for adaptable plastic or wood dividers, available on Amazon , and fit the compartments into your drawer. If you like this idea, go to our article with 17 ideas to copy to organize and store your drawers .

Whether you have a lot of necklaces or not, you have surely already been confronted with the famous necklace tangled on itself or entangled with others.

The best technique is to hang them . It’s simple, practical and it will save you endless disentangling sessions.

4 – A ladder to tie your necklaces

BUY: Stainless Metal Ladder: € 50.65

It is very simple and very decorative to use a ladder to hang your jewelry .

Leaning against the wall of your room, it allows you to easily store all your necklaces and small accessories . You can choose it in wood or metal depending on the style of your room.

5 – Elegant marble hooks

What could be more practical than hooks to hang your necklaces? The marble plinths in different colors make them very chic and will stand out beautifully on a light colored wall.

You can also find marble hooks like the one from AM.PM available in black or white.

6 – A wooden wall necklace holder

PURCHASE: Jewelry organizer: from € 30.21

To hang on the wall, this shelf allows you to hang your necklaces and earrings . It also offers practical storage with its shelf.

Several colors of wood and straps are available. You can therefore select the combination that will best match your interior.

Storage for your bracelets

There are so many types of bracelets that it’s not easy to find the perfect way to store them all. Between the chain bracelet, bangle, cuffs or even pearl bracelets, it’s a mess.

7 – Decorative bottles to stack your bracelets

What if instead of throwing away your old bottles, you give them a second life? You can select them in different shapes and sizes to play on the decor or even customize them!

8 – Bracelets under a bell

Glass bells, which you can find on IKEA , are very trendy for showcasing objects , and even jewelry. New or old, they have a little curiosity cabinet side and create a romantic and vintage atmosphere.

9 – A black sculptural bracelet holder

PURCHASE: OBU metal and black marble jewelry holder: € 79

This sleek jewelry holder is simply graceful. With a pretty marble base and a rounded metal wire, it is able to accommodate all kinds of bracelets : rigid or chains, thick or thin.

That said, it also allows you to hang earrings and necklaces!

Unlike necklaces and bracelets, rings don’t get tangled. On the other hand, it is easy to lose them like earrings. To store them or just take them out for a shower, it is more reasonable to put them in a safe place in order to find them quickly .

10 – Handcrafted cone ring holders

PURCHASE: Wooden ring holder: from 11.08 €

These small accessories are very practical for depositing one or more rings . Hand painted, these wooden cones are unique. They exist in 3 sizes and several colors. They can also serve as a small decoration arranged on a dresser in a bedroom.

11 – A curious and bewitching porcelain box

PURCHASE: Wild things box: 38 €

It opens like a case to hide your precious rings. It catches the eye, don’t you think? Its rather enigmatic design is intriguing. It may represent coral or a sponge. It inspires the marine universe and will be perfect on a bathroom shelf .

12 – A golden pineapple cup

PURCHASE: Ceramic pineapple ring holder: € 12.90

The pineapple trend is staying the course and bringing good humor to any interior. This small discreet and refined ceramic bowl takes up very little space . It will fit perfectly on your bedside table or on the edge of the sink in the bathroom.

The main problem with earrings is that they often lose their twin sister. It’s really annoying! The only way to keep the pair together is to store them well after wearing them.

13 – A wooden and brass earring display

PURCHASE:  Wood and metal earring holder: € 39.90

Minimalist, in natural wood and brass, this jewelry holder is simple and sophisticated . It will highlight your earrings with elegance.

14 – Recycled paint palettes

If you have a painter’s side , you can store your earrings in the compartments of a paint palette, which you can buy on Amazon . Already used and colored by the paint or new: it’s up to you to choose according to your tastes.

15 – A shutter adorned with gilding

Hanging your earrings on the inclined slats of a shutter is an original and practical idea. You can repaint the shutter with a soft color such as powder pink or why not a sea green. This will highlight the shine of your little jewelry.

For those who want to store all their jewelry in one place , versatile displays or boxes are the best option.

16 – A girly jewelry box

PURCHASE: Pink velvet jewelry box: € 19 (no longer available)

This chest is rather small, but it delivers! It can store a lot of small jewels with its clever storage on three floors . With its ultra feminine look, it will be perfect placed on a dressing table.

17 – A cube to sort your jewelry

BUY: Jewelry box Stowit: 65 €

This jewelry box has sliding compartments to store all kinds of jewelry : rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, necklaces …

You can also arrange your everyday jewelry on the top shelf to keep it close at hand.

18 – A sober and contemporary display

PURCHASE: Tosca White Jewelry Box: € 20

This functional and aesthetic box serves as both storage and display when unfolded . With its sleek look inspired by Japanese design, it will easily find its place in your bathroom or bedroom.

19 – A felt jewelry organizer

PURCHASE: Light gray jewelry storage: 20 €

This IKEA drawer accessory allows you to organize your accessories in the different compartments and visualize them at a glance . Simple and efficient.

20 – A wall and plant jewelry storage

PURCHASE: Perforated leaf-shaped wood panel: € 69

This birch wood Monstera leaf is perforated and accommodates necklaces, rings and bracelets . You can move the journals at your convenience to organize your jewelry.

21 – A box with a minimalist design

PURCHASE: The Pool Jewelry Box : € 45

Doiy’s The Pool jewelry box reinterprets the style of the 60s Californian swimming pools. Once opened, it becomes a small dressing table with its mirror inside. Composed of several compartments, it is very practical to organize your different jewelry.

22 – A transparent jewelry box

PURCHASE: Grid Jewelry Box: € 59

All in transparency and delicately framed in gold metal, this jewelry box is both chic and practical . Compartmented, it allows you to organize all your precious items as you wish . Place it on the dresser in the bedroom or in the bathroom, it will bring an elegant touch to your room.

23 – An original jewelry holder to keep an eye on your treasures

PURCHASE: Jewelery holder and eye mirror: € 19.95

Why not organize a small jewelry corner with an eye jewelry holder ? Practical and totally decorative, it will add style to your room . It will be superb placed on the fireplace or on your bedside table.

24 – XXL jewelry storage

PURCHASE: Swivel jewelry cabinet: € 124

If you are like Cleopatra, then you definitely need a very large capacity jewelry cabinet . You can store your entire collection there: earrings, small and large, bracelets and necklaces of all kinds.

In addition to its incredible storage volume: it rotates 360 ° and has a psyche mirror.

25 – Hidden jewelry storage

Looking to hide or conceal your jewelry for storage? Check out this idea of ​​a sliding drawer!

To optimize the organization of your jewelry, there is nothing like arranging the storage perfectly suited to your needs yourself ! So for the more creative, it’s up to you!

26 – A DIY wooden jewelry organizer

Wood, a mirror, hooks and a hint of skill. You will be proud of the result and will be able to display all your jewelry!

27 – A chic DIY wall jewelry holder

In brass and wood , this jewelry holder is dapper. In addition to being practical, it is also a decorative element that will bring a bright touch to your room .

28 – A sophisticated DIY earring holder with a bohemian look

Natural materials are essential when it comes to decoration. Caning fits perfectly into any interior and can transform a useful, but unsightly object into a pretty little decorative piece. So why go without it to display your jewelry?

In addition, it only takes 5 minutes to complete this DIY!

29 – DIY velvet ribbons

For those who have studded earrings , why not pin them to a strip of fabric ? They are so small that you usually lose either the buckle or the clasp or both. This storage trick is easy to do yourself and the rendering is elegant. You can then hang the ribbons or store them in a box.

30 – A tailor-made box for its rings

You can easily make a pretty box with a velvet or felt interior to accommodate your most beautiful rings. Let your creativity run free and make a unique and elegant box to give as a gift or for yourself.

31 – A chair back as a jewelry holder

Confused about what to do with an old chair with a nice backrest ? Above all, don’t throw it away! If you are a bit of a handyman, you can turn it into a jewelry holder ! How? ‘Or’ What ? A saw, some paint, a little patience and you’re done.

32 – Storage of jewelry in the medicine cabinet

A discreet and practical way to store your jewelry in the bathroom. Just use a medicine cabinet and install a few hooks to hang your jewelry.

33 – Block holders hung on the wall

The result is very successful for this DIY storage by simply using block holders to hang on the wall! You can find this type of block holder on amazon.fr .

34 – Hangers and ribbons

A great idea to store and organize your jewelry. You can use hangers to hang and personalize them with pretty ribbons ! This jewelry storage will find its place in a wardrobe or dressing room.

35 – A jewelry grater

An original and offbeat idea of ​​recuperation of a 4-sided grater repainted and used as a storage for jewelry. The holes are perfect for hanging earrings!

36 – A bird cage

Here is another great do-it-yourself recycling idea to store your jewelry using a bird cage.

37 – A bohemian DIY jewelry display

A bohemian-looking DIY jewelry storage made with a piece of driftwood or with a piece of wooden pallet and pretty door knobs. You can then hang this jewelry storage on your wall for an aesthetic and practical effect at the same time !

38 – A rake head attached to the door

Yet another great idea of ​​recycling with this rake head to hang and hang your jewelry. You can, as in the photo above, attach the rake head to the door.

39 – DIY pallet furniture

You know, you can really do anything with pallets ! Even practical jewelry storage. Above, the palette is hung on the wall and even allows you to display some photo frames.

40 – A DIY with a hanger and hooks

You had to think about it! A very simple DIY to do yourself to store your jewelry. All you need is a hanger and a few hooks to hang your earrings .

41 – A painted frame and branches

A nice frame that you can personalize for an original storage of jewelry. Here, branches are used to hang the necklaces.

Maintaining your jewelry is above all putting it away properly! There are all kinds of thoughtful and very aesthetic jewelry storage that will change your life: boxes, jewelry holders, drawer organizers, cups, storage compartments. For the more courageous and creative, you can also make your own storage from a DIY tutorial. With a little organization and appropriate storage, you will find all your jewelry in the blink of an eye. Not bad no, to avoid the nervous breakdown before going to work or going out at night.


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