Bad breath foods you should absolutely avoid

While certain diseases can be the cause of chronic bad breath. It can sometimes be remedied by changing a few things in dental hygiene and by avoiding certain foods. Find out which foods you should absolutely avoid.

Bacteria responsible for bad breath

In the majority of cases, bad breath is linked to too much bacteria in our mouth. This is why, not only, it is necessary to avoid consuming too sweet or too salty food. But it is also necessary to take care to have irreproachable hygiene, from morning to evening. It is necessary if we want to prevent these microorganisms from accumulating and becoming troublesome on a daily basis, in addition to cavities that may develop …

Dental hygiene starts when you get out of bed!

After a good night’s sleep and before sitting down for breakfast, we get rid of toxins and bacteria that have accumulated in our mouths. For this, we are inspired by Ayurveda: we scrape our tongue with a tongue scraper (or a teaspoon!), Then we rinse our mouth with lukewarm or cool water, gargling for a few seconds.

Mistakes we all make

In terms of dental hygiene, many of us make certain mistakes. Which can contribute, to a greater or lesser extent, to bad breath: neglected cleaning time, poor brushing technique, too rare to change the toothbrush. teeth, wrong choice of toothpaste … Find the 20 mistakes we all make, and the solutions to remedy them.

Hydrate more

You don’t necessarily think about it, but a lack of hydration may not help with bad breath. Drinking enough daily, from morning to night, helps to evacuate some of the bacteria present in the mouth. Allows the mucous membranes to be moistened.

Also remember to hydrate yourself, to avoid having a dry mouth when you know that you are going to talk a lot: during a meeting with colleagues, a date, a dinner with friends, a job interview …

Discover the 20 foods to absolutely avoid to fight against bad breath

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