How To Fix Bad Chest Genetics?

Want to get rid of bad chest genetics? Yes! You’re in the right place. In our lives, there are specific varieties that we have no control over. Genetics is one of them. Most of the time, having a good chest is depend on genetics. 

Getting results in the gym can be challenging enough. However, when you add in bad chest genetics it’s like you’re fighting a losing battle. If you have a skinny chest and you want to get rid of this, then read the full article. In this article, we will discuss signs of bad genetics, Good vs bad chest genetics, and how to fix bad chest genetics.

What are genetics and what does bad chest genetics mean?

In biology, genetics is the study of genes, genetic variation, and heredity, or how genes are passed from generation to generation.

The reason for our physical appearance is genetic. In most cases, the height of a person is related to that of his parent’s stature.

Either way, when we discuss genetics, we are speaking about your DNA and genes handed down from your dad and mom. However, the physical appearance of a child is depend on the genes of the parents. 

Though your genetics drives such a huge role in your construction. Genes have a vital role in your are able to carry out also in physique. Furthermore, it is not a small thing how genetics play a very important role in the life of elite athletes.

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Understanding bad chest genetics Reddit

According to geneticists, upon sexual reproduction, the mother will pass down an X chromosome, while the father will pass down either an X or Y chromosome. Each chromosome contains your entire genetic makeup; these are the blueprints for the building of your body. In fact, every aspect of you is determined by what is found in these chromosomes.

As a result, You can find out everything from your sex, height, bone ratios, and even the amount of hair on your pinky toe. In fact, it is even able to predict your personality and behavior. People who have a hard time building muscle, are suffering from bad genetics. A person with better genes is supposed to build muscle more quickly.

Bad chest genetics mean:

Stereotypical traits include naturally skinny bodies, light bone structure, lean muscles, low body fat, narrow shoulders, and flat chests. People with such body types are considered to have bad chest genetics in bodybuilding.

Good chest genetics vs bad Reddit

People having skinny body appearances rather prefer to hit gyms. Because they want to make a good body with strong muscles. However, some of them are unlucky because of poor genes. No matter how hard they try, they can’t get a good chest. If this is the case, you’ve maybe searched good vs bad chest genetics. When it comes to bad upper chest genes. Sadly, not everybody can be inborn with the ideal genetical makeup.

However, You need to assess the three primary body types to understand these genetic makeups and what are the signs of bad genetics Each human on the planet will fall down into likewise one of these three categories. Here are the body types are ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs.

Good vs bad chest genetics

  • Ectomorph

Generally, the meaning of ectomorphs is an average skinny person. He should be lean, and bony. Bruce Lee would be an accurate example of this body type. Stereotypical characteristics include being naturally thin, having a light bone structure, having lean muscles, having low body fat, and having narrow shoulders and flat chests. People with these body types would have bad chest genetics.

  • Mesomorph

Mesomorphs are supposed to detect easier than other body types. They are naturally hoisting. Subsequently, if we talk about people naturally tall and strong with the perfect torso and V-taper abdominal. Therefore, mesomorphs are an accurate model of athletic builds.

  • Endomorph

In the end, this is the last body type. It is also easier to spot these body types. These are what you name chunky people. These types of people have broad shoulders and large chests. Generally, weightlifters fall into this category. A few of their natural traits are chunky statures, round physics, and easy fat. And also they have a slow metabolism and thick wrist.

Subsequently, for massive chest muscle gains, endomorphs and mesomorphs naturally produce more growth hormones.  Even if you are an ectomorph, you can still improve your chest gains.

How to fix bad chest genetics?

There is one thing that you can change to make the most of what you have and what to do with your issues. Here are some tips to fix your bad chest problem:

  • Increase Your Training density And Volume

First, for building muscle mass the building volume is the primary driver. According to research, it is recommended to train muscle groups twice a week for most people. This concedes the optimal value of volume while allowing rest. 

However, if you are struggling to build muscle mass in your chest, you may need more. It is recommended you train up to three times a week to allow for more quality volume.

  • Use The Entire Spectrum of Rep (And Pay Attention)

During training, be assured to use the Entire Spectrum of Rep.

  • Heavy singles with 95%
  • 15+ endurance sets
  • The standard 8-12 reps with 75-80%
  • EMOMs
  • Literally everything

We recommend this to most folks anyways to make sure they get a well-rounded stimulus on their chest muscles.

  • Pick The Best Exercises

Additionally, you could try improving your chest muscle exercises. Because you’re having trouble building muscle, you might need to do some very specific chest exercises. Included in this work are some isolation exercises and some exercises you may already be doing, but with a few simple alterations. Crossover exercises are one of the best chest builders. With these exercises as a foundation, combined with chest presses of some kind, you can achieve desired results.


As mentioned above good chest genetics vs bad Reddit and how to fix bad genetics. In spite of genetics playing a significant role in your training, you should never let it stop you from working hard. Using the right supplements, discipline, and hard work, you should be able to achieve the results you want.

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