Bathroom Asian Furniture

Bathroom Asian Furniture

Redesign your bathroom as a Zen retreat with an Asian touch. I love the minimalist style and nature-inspired color palette of Asian design, so bring that restful tone to the sink. Imagine sinking into a bathtub surrounded by glittering votives with thick towels piled on a bamboo stool in front of the rice paper screen that hides the toilet. You can organize this haven of peace for yourself by incorporating Asian touches to your decor.


Paint the walls a rich neutral laid for warmth. Select dark woods for cabinetry and a pale bamboo floor. Bring in touches of calming green and soft gold or taupe for a subtle hint of nature. Find a teak or bamboo bathroom stool and choose wicker accessories like pole baskets with towels. Bath gels add a nice organic texture without bringing in flashy modern colors or shapes.


Bring in Asian wall hangings to embellish your bathroom. Chinese brush paintings often depict cherry blossoms and birds, a wonderful addition to your restful decor. It is also possible to hang ornate and colorful Asian embroidery on the walls for a cozy touch. You could love a silk panel painted with Japanese writing or a delicate painted fan. Sifting through a local Asian market or finding your treasures online, you’ll be sure to spot an elegant wall hanging to add an inspired touch to your new decor.

Finishes and materials

A curved stone or glass vessel sink lends the opulence of a high-end Asian spa to your bathroom. Line the shower with iridescent intricate tiles in a shade of earthtones from white to tan. Choose wood or stone countertops in a minimalist design – no fancy borders. If you want a luxurious focal point, add a koi tile mosaic to your backsplash. Use Black as the accent border color for contrast if you are choosing an inlaid tile pattern for the shower or floor.

Feng Shui

Ensure a harmonious flow of energy to conform to the ancient conventions of feng shui in your decor. Place a large mirror on the outside of the bathroom door to deflect those away so it won’t be emptied. In each corner of the bathroom, set a grounded object such as a ceramic bowl or vase or pebble plate to balance the water energy that can lead to waste. Keep all plumbing in perfect working order to avoid a waste of wealth; Spotless bathroom fixtures are vital to chi positive energy.

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