Bookshelf Zigzag Storyline Bookshelf Dutch design

Originally, bookshelves are made horizontally, but there are bookshelf with a unique shape that makes you wonder who decided that.

That’s the Storyline Bookshelf design by Dutch designer frederik roij√©.

Don’t you think it’s a beautiful shape? The black part in the photo is the bookshelf. This bookshelf has a bumpy shape, and the books are place between them.

If you don’t stand the book, you can see the outline as if you bordered the skyline of the buildings lined up in the city as above. Some people say that this shape is like the skyline of a group of buildings lined with Manhattan, and some people say that it is like a sound wave.

The way of expression varies from person to person, but in any case, it is still a beautiful shape.

It is even more beautiful if you put two side by side. The shades of white and black may also be good.

This is the white version. The white color also has a nice taste.

This is blue. The blue of the bookshelve and the white of the book that stands up are combine to create a pattern like a marine border.

It looks like this when you can’t put a book on the blue bookshelf. Even so, it has a really interesting shape. A bookshelf that entertains what you see and stimulates your imagination.

This is gray. Gray also has a nice taste. If it is gray, even if the back wall is white, you can make only the bookshelf stand out and make the lines of the bookshelf beautiful.

When you actually put a lot of things, it looks like this. If you put a book on the edge, it may fall down, so you can dress it up fashionably by putting small items as shown in the picture.

Storyline Bookshelve seems to be able to be use vertically as shown in the picture. The space to put things is limit, but it seems that it can be use as an interior to show.

Again, this is the black overview of Storyline Bookshelf. How would you look at this uneven bookshelf?

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