Fashion Nail Supply

The world of nail art runs around fashion nail supply. It is all about embracing nail artistry and endorsing nails. Undoubtedly, fashion nail supply is an important part of the evolution of various kinds of nail art.

Some good names in the world of fashion nail supply

1. Nail supply glamour

Nail supply glamour offers several amazing nail art supplies. The prices are pocket-friendly. They have many acrylic colors and nail art decorations.

2. Victoria’s nail supply

They offer many nail care and spa products. Their collection of acrylic colors, gel extensions, and nail art is amazing.

3. Lina’s nails

They have a wide range of gel nail extensions. They also offer nail buffing, nail shaping, and cuticle removal. Moreover, the colors are super nice and even. The fashion nail supply from Lina’s Nails is amazing. They also have nail art stamping plates for easy use and nail art.

4. Sally Beauty

Sally Beauty is one of the world’s largest names in the world of fashion nail supply. They provide everything for maintaining your nails. This beauty also offers manicures and pedicures.

They have more than five hundred nail polish colors. The nail care supplies are amazing. They offer pretty and professional nail polishes. This is definitely one of your one-stop-shop for all your nail needs.

Important items in the world of fashion nail supply

1. Matte Topcoat: It gives your nails a cool, non-glossy matte finish.

2. Nail Polish Correcting Pen: It helps to clean up your nail bed properly. With this pen, you will get clean and professional finish nails. The precision tip is doused in polish remover. This helps to erase any mistakes along the sidewalls of the nails properly.

3. Glitter Nail Polish Remover Pads: If you love glitter then this is necessary for you. This can easily remove glitters without any issue. It can remove any finely milled or grittier glitter in a blink of an eye.

4. Nail Repair Formula: This is a must-have for you if you are constantly putting on false nails or using gel polish. Your nails become dry and brittle with the constant use of chemicals. The nail repair formula will restore and condition your nails. Thus, your nails will become healthy and strong again.

5. Dotter Tool: If you love to make polka dots on your nails or design a bit then buy this dotter tool. Use it to make a series of circles. It helps to create perfect small as well as large dots in seconds.

6. Striper Brush: A striper brush helps to create thin lines. You can also do intricate detailing with this brush. Always remember to clean the brush with nail polish remover before dipping it into another color.

How to do gel nail extensions?

Here are the steps on how to do gel nail extensions at home or in a nail salon.

1. First, you should prepare the nails. To do so, you have to file the nails. After that push the cuticles back. Then trim the dead cuticles and buff the nails.

2. Second, choose the right size of nail extensions.

3. You have to file the inside of the nail tips or apply a layer of acetone. Thus, you will get a grip on the gel nail extensions.

4. After that, apply bonder liquid to natural nails.

5. Then, you have to apply the primal liquid to your own nails.

6. For the next step, you should apply a gel to your own natural nails. The layer should be thin. Some nail kits include a clear gel liquid.

7. After that, put your nails in the UV or LED lamp for 60 seconds.

8. Add some gel to the underside of the tips. Then apply the gel tip to your own nail and press it down. Shine a LED light directly on the nail for 30 seconds. Then, place the hand inside the UV or LED lamp for 60 seconds.

9. Repeat the steps for all fingers and your hand is ready to go.

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Things to note while putting gel nail extensions:

  • You will get clean and dry nails after filing and buffing. This is perfect as a base for gel nail extensions.
  • It is very important to find the right size tip that fits. The nails in a kit of tips are numbered for ease of usage.
  • Bonder acts as a dehydrator. This keeps your nails dry. There will be no oils or debris.
  • Primal liquid makes your nails sticky for easy attachment.

The popularity of fashion nail supply

Fashion nail supply is gaining popularity with each passing day. They are trendy. Moreover, girls love to try new and funky nail designs. They are very pretty to look at art. Using stones and glitter is an art. In addition, this art is becoming more lovable. Young girls are feeling without using fashionable nail elements.

Gel nail extensions vs acrylic

Both acrylics and gel extensions are important elements in the world of fashion nail supply. They have similar looks with very little difference. Gel extensions feel a little lighter on the nail. Other differences between gel nail extensions and acrylic nails lie in the polymerization process, ease of removal, and density.

The process is a bit quicker with gel nail extensions. In addition, it does not have strong scents. The process is a bit complicated with acrylics. You need to create a mixture of a liquid called a monomer and a powder (polymer) to mold the artificial nail.

Acrylics are a bit harder as compared to gel extensions. Thus, they are less flexible. Moreover, they cause more damage to the nail during removal. Again, acrylic nails require too much buffing. Excessive buffing results in thinning of nails over time.


Evidently, nail artistry is about trending, looking, and feeling good. The world of fashion nail supply is growing. Different big names in this world are discussed above. The steps of using gel nail extensions are also discussed.

Investing in correct nail care tools is very important. Nails seem small but are important for our living. Thus, spending a little on them is definitely great. They deserve it too!

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