What is The Haier France Brand Worth?

Haier brand The haier france brand manufactures large household appliances including refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, and dishwashers. It also produces televisions. You will find this brand in major retailers. The brand is of Chinese origin and is part of the Haier Global group.

Haier France brand devices

The haier france brand manufactures 3 categories of devices, located in the mid-high range. HAIER brand products are available from major online retailers. However, to be able to benefit from a good guarantee and a good after-sales service, we recommend a brand that offers you a guarantee of at least two years. Haier products range from Large Household Appliances to Multimedia:

1. Large cold appliances: refrigerator ( American, 1 door, combined and multi-door ), freezer, and wine cellar.

2. Large washing appliances: window washing machine and washer-dryer.

3. Multimedia: HD, Full HD, and 4k UHD televisions.

The cold-type household appliance of the Haier brand

Haier France offers various cold-type products. You will find all categories of refrigerators ( 1-door, combined, multi-door, and American ), as well as chest and cabinet freezers. It also has a range of wine cellars.

The Haier brand wash-type household appliance

The Haier brand also has washing devices adapted to your daily life. Household appliances for washing ( window washing machine, washer-dryer, and dishwasher ) that we recommend if you want to buy Haier France.

Haier brand televisions

Haier has a wide range of televisions. There are LED, Full HD, and 4K televisions. They also come in different sizes from 24 inches to 55 inches. You will find below the TVs that we recommend from the Haier France brand.

The Haier brand is growing

If the private labels still sometimes suffer from a not very reassuring reputation, it is because many consumers, not familiar with the products, think that they are most of the time brands whose products are, on the one hand, made in Asia, and on the other hand, that it is synonymous with unreliability and poor quality. Brand-Haier-France faced with this reality, the Haier brand has chosen to go high-end and thus offers quality large household appliances.

The brand is part of the huge Haier Global group. Today it is present in big electronics, but also on many popular products such as:

1. Air conditioning equipment

2. Refrigeration equipment: refrigerators, freezers

3. Household appliances: vacuum cleaners or washing machines

Haier products

While the brand has its website, Haier products and equipment are on the other hand physically present in the stores of major brands.

The brand is slowly gaining ground in the reviews of consumers who are starting to recognize Haier as a quality brand, and we recognize that this is on the way to becoming a reality. However, it would be in her interest to invest more in the communication around her name to perfect her brand image and make herself known to as many people as possible.

Haier products are energy efficient

As with every brand, taking into account the energy class is an important and determining element in the sale of a product. And as Haier wants to position itself in a high-end sector, it offers equipment that is rather energy-efficient, in particular on washing machines which are stamped A +++. Refrigerators are A + for the most part, but the energy cost of a refrigerator is low. ( See our article on the subject ).

Haier after-sales service

To get out of its Chinese image, Haier emphasizes the customer service aspect of its brand. It offers support both on the Internet and in distributor stores. Its web presence is also managed by a forum dedicated to Haier customers. Also on the official Haier website, all details about the possible and available guarantees are listed. We can therefore, for example, discover the availability of a warranty extension commonly chosen to cover long-term household appliances.

The Haier brand also offers assistance with repair requests via a dedicated help section on its website, and even more with a spare parts sales service which will allow the replacement of parts of equipment to extend its life, and thus avoid having to buy a complete piece of equipment again.

Our opinion on the Haier brand

Although this brand is Chinese, it tries to position itself on the high end. It must be recognized today that the brand has made efforts and that many household appliances ( starting with spare parts) are made in Asia. While it will probably never achieve German brand quality, it sets it apart from the discount home appliance brands of distributors that we are used to buying.

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