Pastel Colors For Interior Decoration

What are pastel colors? 

Pastel colors are characterized by being shades of other more vivid colors, but with less saturation thanks to the fact that a large amount of white is added to them.

They are light, neutral and relaxing colors, the most popular being blue, pink, green and yellow.

Why include pastel colors in interior decoration?

Although they are colors that can have a childish or feminine personality, this range of colors can cause fresh and cozy environments and spaces with a lot of light. 

The secret to obtaining an elegant decoration is to balance the combination of pastel colors with other neutral colors such as white, gray and black and take them to any room in the house.

In today’s book we will show you proposals full of color and style that will fill you with inspiration to take them to the decoration of your home, thanks to the projects carried out by our professionals.

  1. Interior pastel colors: which room?

Which room to paint with pastel colors? 

Pastel colors can be use in any room in the house: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, since they are very versatile colors and easy to combine with other colors and decorative styles. 

– These colors, despite their low saturation, are very striking and can even be applied as accent colors on a wall, furniture or accessories. 

– In environments where white predominates, for example, a pastel color note transforms it instantly, catching the eye. 

  1. Pastel colors and their meaning

Colors have different meanings and provoke different emotions. 

Pastel colors are tones considered relaxing due to their softness and freshness.

Neutral pastel tones are ideal for the living room, bedroom, study, even the bathroom. 

The color blue, for example, is related to peace and tranquility

  1. How to decorate the interiors of the house with pastel colors?

Decorating the interiors with pastel colors. Pastel colors can look great in combination with other shades of greater intensity, achieving sophisticated spaces with balance and harmony.

In this proposal, we see a sober and elegant environment, where the presence of the pastel hue on the wall achieves an elegant contrast in the company of the bright golden notes, adding a luminous touch to the decoration of the room.

  1. Furniture in pastel colors for home decoration

Pastel colors can be represented in the tapestries and in the wooden structures of the furniture of the house. If we choose to bring these colors to the armchairs or tables in the room, it is important to keep the walls in light and neutral color such as white so as not to overload the environment and the refreshing and natural effect of pastel colors is manifested in the decoration.

  1. Pastel colors for home accessories

Pastel colors can be use in many ways. If you are one of those who prefer neutral finishes, but are looking for colorful notes without fanfare, pastel colors in accessories and other elements such as lamps or cushions will achieve a powerful and very attractive effect in your decoration.

  1. Interior walls in pastel colors

Painting the walls in pastel color is a good option to spice up the decoration of the rooms.

There are different options to achieve attractive and interesting designs, such as this geometric proposal. 

Pink and pastel green are combine with a dose of gray to balance the wall at the head of the bedroom, achieving an effect of light and depth.

These colors are suitable for decorating bedrooms due to their relaxing properties. 

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  1. Pastel green in interior decoration

The shades of pastel green symbolize renewal; In Feng Shui, pastel green represents family and nature.

  1. Pastel pink in interior decoration

The pastel pink the new beginnings. If you have just moved house or are looking to give it a new look, it can be a good alternative to paint the wall of the living room and thus emphasize the meaning of this color. Pastel yellow represents happiness and joy, so the combination of these two tones is perfect.

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  1. Pastel blue color in interior wall decoration

The blue color, as we already mention, is associate with peace and tranquility, sensations necessary for our bedroom. In this proposal, the pastel blue wall manages to stand out with a lot of charm and style, thanks to the contrast and balance provided by the white color.

  1. Muted pastel blue color for vintage-style interiors

But if you like more muted tones and with a certain nostalgia. Use different tones of the same color to give a vintage or Shabby Chic aesthetic to your kitchen decoration as we see in this proposal. 

  1. Pastel yellow in interior decoration

Pastel yellow in home decoration can be use on the walls of the dining room, kitchen and hall. Also in combination with other color, such as pastel blue or brown tones to give it a sober character. 

  1. How to combine pastel colors to decorate interiors?

Pastel color combinations. 

One of the most attractive pastel color that is a favorite of interior designers and decorators is mint green. 

This color is as refreshing as its own name and projects extremely pleasant sensations. If you are looking to give your kitchen decoration a unique touch and with a lot of personality. Do not hesitate to choose mint green and combine it with pastel pink, cream.

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