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Indeed though, the hand”Carmalicious” and new pumpkin drinks are relatively spectacular. Scooter’s Secret Menu, there is a plenitude of drinks to choose from that are not well given but inversely as tasty-licious.

I’ve been a barista at Scooter’s Secret Menu Coffee for about nine months now. I must say it’s one of the most stylish jobs I’ve ever had. I get to interact with coffee dilettantes, watch guests go ahh after taking that first belt of coffee, and go home smelling like the topmost thing on earth Coffee!

However, look no further! Check out the following drinks that could change your whole outlook on coffee at Scooter’s Secret Menu, If you are looking to shake up your day-to-day espresso routine.

List of scooter’s secret menu:

1. Cookie Blender

scooters secret menu

Yeah. You heard me right. In this all-inclusive package drink, you get ice cream to candy up the taste buds, espresso to fuel your day, and a cookie for that little pack of joy everyone deserves.

This succulent treat is perfect for the” Treat-Yo-Self” intelligence or a Friday autumn delight because of cheers to the weekend! You can choose between a chocolate chip cookie, a Snickerdoodle cookie, or the pumpkin chocolate chip cookie when it’s in season!

2. Peachy Tart Blast

scooters secret menu

This drink is hands down surely one of my espresso-free pets. This is a summer, cool-down drink that can be made as a FruitN’Cream or FruitN’Ice, with our peach smoothie blend, bomb ice admixture, and energy grease paint that’s a great volition to espresso!

Drinking the Peachy Tart Blast means you’re amped with a touch of sweet and sour. Who can pass that up?!

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3. Hot Irishman

The Hot Irishman is one of the retired menu particulars that’s dying to have participated with Scooter’s Secret Menu guests everyplace.

This drink is an awful fall option that’s a luscious combination of Irish Cream, hazelnut, and espresso that’s sure to warm the soul. You can indeed eclipse it with a curve of whipped cream that will shoot this drink soaring to new heights!

4. Anything with Almond Milk

scooters secret menu

Perhaps I am a little bit prejudiced, but it’s true! Whether you are looking to cut down on calories or just try a commodity different, almond milk is completely trending right now! I’ve been drinking all of my lattes, mochas, and smoothies with almond milk for several months now.

You get a hint of nuttiness that adds tons of flavor but also keeps the texture and consistency of a 2 or whole milk. However, no worries my friend! You can also try soy milk or coconut milk which are both fantastic druthers If you’re antipathetic to nuts.

5. Toffee Nut Mudslide

scooters secret menu

The first time I made this drink, I was hooked incontinently! It’s analogous to the Heath Bar Latte, but rather than dark chocolate you use caramel sauce (cue the drooling).

The toffee nut, caramel, and espresso triad work S’well together and will have your stomach jumping for joy until they are veritably the last drop. However, you will not be disappointed! If you use almond milk specifically in this drink.

6. London Fog

Still, this is the drink for you to try If you are really looking to get out of your comfort zone. In order to make this drink, you need Earl Grey tea, a laddie bit of vanilla, and fumed milk of your choice.

The bergamot aromas from the tea mesh wonderfully with the sweet vanilla and delicate fumed milk. Do not judge a book by its cover on this one, because it speaks for itself once you take the first belt!

7. White Bunny

This libation, also known as the Daydreamer, is sure to be a keeper in your book. This little number made up of White Chocolate, Vanilla, and espresso is sure to satisfy that ginormous sweet tooth of yours.

This drink is perfect if you have your barista prepare it as a blender. You can thank me latterly when your heart is pitter-pattering a little bit further than usual after indulging in this succulent creation.

8. Stars and Stripes

Just when you suppose there can not be any further drinks that are as fantastic as the London Fog, suppose again! The Stars and Stripes is a drink that’s sure to knock your socks right out!

It’s made with vanilla, a couple of dashes of coconut and jeer saccharinity, and all feathers of espresso vibes. Your taste buds will be soliciting further with this lavish, sweet medley!

9. Banana Split

scooters secret menu

Not in the mood for an espresso moment? Not a problem! The Banana Split is principally a strawberry banana Fruit N’ Cream with a splash of dark chocolate sauce. However, it’s principally an indulgence without having to feel guilty (boo-yah!)

Make sure you snare a large-size Banana Split, however, so you can enjoy the tastiness for as long as possible! If you conclude with the sugar-free dark chocolate sauce in this smoothie.

10. Autumn Caramel Crunch

scooters secret menu

Still, on fall days, check out the Autumn Caramel Crunch coming time you pop into Scooter’s Secret Menu! This affable treat is made up of caramel sauce.

If you are not relatively feeling the pumpkin drinks for those chilly. After belting on this affable drink, a warmish bonfire will be calling your name!

11. Drinko De Mayo

Searching for a commodity that is full of warm spices and a hint of agreeableness? Scooter’s Secret Menu has you covered. The Drinko De Mayo is a cluster of vanilla, almond, coconut, cinnamon, and espresso for that jolt we all need in our busy lives.

The Drinko De Mayo doesn’t hold back anything flavor, so be ready for a lovely shock to the tastebuds. You will not be disappointed!

12. Hearts-A-Fire

Last but not least on our Scooter’s Secret Menu retired drink trip. We have a drink that’s an afterlife and downtime classic in my book. The pungent flavors of cinnamon.

Almond will have you skipping down the road crying out to the whole world in happiness! If you are not a huge addict to these favors, you can always try it with half the seasoning and ease into the world of awesomeness if need be!

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