Best Spray Paint Designs With Tape

The spray painting is great. It is increasing in popularity with each passing day. You can spray-paint your walls without much thought. You can cover more wall space in a few minutes. Spray paint designs with tape is a popular option with outdoor walls too. Very few people can control the paint for indoor walls. It is difficult to avoid wasting paint for amateurs. Moreover, getting it on furniture or other items in the room is very common.

What are spray paint designs with tape?

Geometric wall paint designs are also great. You can do these with spray paint too. Spray painting designs enrich the look of your room. You can get many spray paint designs and ideas for the home, bedroom, and hall in this article. It is very creative. Spray paint designs with tape help to create intricate patterns and an amazing designer appearance.

Here we will discuss some easy wall paint design ideas with tape. So, be ready!

Advantages of Spray Painting:

  • It offers an even coverage without visible brush strokes.
  • Spray primer is comparatively faster as compared to brush primer.
  • It is easier and quicker.
  • It is more durable than water-based spray or other latex paint.
  • This idea can be used both outdoors as well as indoors.
  • Spray paint dries quickly as compared to can paint.
  • It is not time-consuming.
  • It also helps to save a lot of energy.
  • The cleaning process is quicker and hassle-free.

How do spray paint designs with tape?

Here are a few simple steps to spray paint designs with tape on your walls:

  • Choose base color: First, choose the base color for your walls. Then, paint the surface with that color. You can also use a paintbrush for this purpose. Remember, the taped spaces will be this color. After that wait for 1 day (minimum) for the base paint to dry.
  • Select Pattern: Now tape your painted surface. You can make lines, stripes, zigzags, geometric patterns, etc with tape. Be very creative with the patterns. Use tapes to personalize your designs. Have fun experimenting. You will be gifted with a unique look.
  • Choose the second color: Choose the second color to paint over your taped area. Use two light coats of spray paint for this purpose.
  • Draw Shapes: You can also draw designs and shapes. Moreover, you can use a pencil to draw different shapes on your walls. Do this free-handedly. You can also use a pencil and ruler. Moreover, you can use a cardboard piece as a template.
  • Painting with more than one color: Instead of one color, use two or three spray paint colors. This will help to achieve a unique look. In addition, playing with colors will be a joyful experience. It is a great way to bring personality to your room.
  • Reveal: Wait for one day for the paint to dry. Then slowly and steadily remove the tape to reveal your clean, modern, and classy wall design.

Easy masking tape painting designs:

Masking tape painting designs are great for interior walls. They can make your room look classy and glamorous. You can use this idea for any type of room. Dining rooms and bedrooms are the top choices.

You should measure the distance between two stripes of tapes. Make sure that the overall look is balanced. Use a measuring tape of scale for the purpose. Mark with a pencil for better results. Press the edges of the tape firmly for a clean look.

Do not forget to watch for residue in case of using masking tape for wall painting. The adhesive of the masking tape is reasonably strong. It can easily hold up for a long time. However, this can be a bit problematic for you. You may find it hard to peel the masking tape off the wall cleanly.

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Will the masking tape damage the wall paint?

This is a very common question. It comes to our mind now and then while dealing with masking tape. This is true that masking tape can damage the surface of your wall. It happens due to the strong adhesion.

Moreover, several masking tapes leave a residue. Some also remove the paint layer from the wall a bit when you rip it off. Therefore, more peeling or damage is common.

When to take the masking tape off the wall?

You have to wait until the wall paint is dry before removing the masking tape. So, check the paint by touching the wall gently. If the paint is dry, use a knife or razor blade to score along the masking tape’s edge. This prevents paint to peel off.

How long can you leave the masking tape on?

It is another general question. There is no fixed or ideal time for removal. You must remove the tape when the paint is dry to the touch. It is usually after a few hours. Manufacturers usually suggest this.

Spray paint canvas ideas:

Spray painting canvas allows you to have a clean and clear finish. It is better than using a paintbrush. You can use as many colors as you want.

Why choose to spray paint designs with tape?

Spray paint designs with tape have an expensive touch to them. It not only helps to beautify your home walls but also makes it look extraordinary at all times. These intricate designs have a perfect welcoming touch. Moreover, spray paint designs with tape are a hot trend at present. Definitely, your interior home decoration must have a hint of the same.


Spray paint designs with tape are a never-aging trend for your interior walls. For home decor, this can give you satisfying results in your interior decorating project. Take the above spray paint ideas and see the magic happening.

Spray paint designs with tape offer a fun sense of energy to your space. Use can use more than two colors for added fun. It also adds dimension to a single accent wall. Moreover, spray paint designs with tape add character to a bedroom or bathroom. You can even use multiple spray paint colors to create designs on furniture, like a dresser or outdoor table.

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