How to get over a creative block?

How to get over a creative block?

If you have a creative job, it doesn’t matter if you are an artist, writer, and creative block, designer, or restaurant owner, you need an incredible online presence. The Internet is a constantly changing “landscape” and your website must be dynamic to keep up with all the news. You always have to adjust, improve, test, and grow. But what do you do when the great ideas seem to have run out? Do you imagine yourself facing an unbreakable wall? This is called a creative block.

The key to opening the door of your creativity exists, and here we knit 10 tips so you can find it.

1. Make Mistakes(Creative block)

Nothing ties you into a state of panic more than staring at a blank page. When inspiration is lost, it is crucial that you allow yourself to fail. If you can’t find a good idea, then at least think of 20 bad ones. Do not get stuck with the idea of ​​a single perfect solution. Instead, we advise you to scribble a large number of ideas quickly without worrying about execution.

2. Create Challenges(Creative block)

Have children? Then surely you know that setting limits is not an easy task, but discipline helps their behavior. The same thing happens to you. If you do not set rules when you work, we are sure you tend to disperse a lot, without getting anywhere. This is why we recommend that you set goals for yourself, regardless of whether you work alone or in a group, and feel a little pressure to make ideas come out faster.

3. Do Another Thing

If your source of inspiration has dried up, it’s time to find another source. Let’s put aside your main commitment for a moment and take another creative project that doesn’t bring you as much pressure. Look for ideas on Instagram or Pinterest or even make it a goal to post one photo per day.

This technique is very useful because once your ideas start to come out (even if it is for another project) you will be on the right track and you will be able to find the idea that you really need.

4. Just Do It

There is nothing worse in a time of lockdown than doing nothing. Write a list of everything you have to do (even if it is not related to your project) and start marking the tasks that you have finished. In this way, you will be more motivated and you will realize that you want to continue completing tasks, such as, for example, finding that wonderful idea you are looking for.

5. Turn Off That Mobile!

It happens to all of us. We can be reading a book, chatting with a friend or even working, and when the mobile phone rings, you are automatically distract. To avoid these small (but in the long run, giants) distractions, we recommend that you go out and explore the real world and get away from technology a bit. You can go to a park, go to a museum, a library, or even walk around your city. You will be surprised by the amount of things that you will see now that you are not aware of the screen.

6. Be Cautious

And carry something to write with you always! A journal, a notebook, or a computer. You never know when that little light of creativity is going to turn on, and that is why we recommend that you always have at least a pencil and a sheet at hand. Another tip? If you always keep your ideas written down in one place. and someday you find yourself going through a creative block, you can re-read your previous ideas and draw inspiration from there.

7. Move!

Do you always work in the same corner of the table, sitting in the same chair? Error! If you want to awaken your creativity, you will have to experience different experiences. As strange as it sounds, if, for example, you decide to sit in a high chair, your thoughts will probably change since you will find yourself in a different situation than usual. If that’s not enough for you, it might be a good option to explore job-sharing places in your city or cafes where you know people are going to work. Are you worried about the noise from the street? That is what you were needing to put together your idea.

8. Focus on Yourself

Do something that you really enjoy. Cooking, dancing, going to the gym, watching a movie at the cinema. What do you like most? Putting a smile on your face is sometimes the first step in developing your idea. It is also important to do something that reassures you, such as yoga or gardening.

9. Stop Sleeping (Even a Little)

You can not sleep? Then it starts to work. Several studies prove that a tired mind is a more creative mind. We all have an ideal productivity schedule, and the further one moves away from that schedule, the more one tends to think about problems (and their solutions) from other perspectives. When we are tired our limitations diminish and our mind begins to explore different ways to get to the results.

10. Life is Short

If you’ve already tried method 9. If it didn’t work for you, we’ve got something to tell you: some find creativity when they wake up early. Many artists swear that their best pieces are created in the early morning, with the first rays of the sun. Take advantage of these morning connections with your creativity. Use this time on more than just answering the emails of the day before.

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