How to furnish a 45 sqm hairdresser shop

Renewing or furnishing a salon from scratch is already a difficult task in itself, which requires a very careful design and functional study. And when space starts running low, it gets even harder. For this reason, I want to give you some advice on how to furnish a 45 square meter living room, therefore very small.

Despite its small size, a salon must still be welcoming to customers and liveable for you.

You must arrange the operational areas in a functional way. You need to carve out some space for resale. That must enter an area dedicated to services with anteroom, bathroom and storage. All this without sacrificing the uniqueness of the design and comfort.

Make use of space even in height

In a shop of just 45 square meters, the greatest risk is not having the space to organize all the equipment and products in perfect order.

Many “solve” the problem by filling every available corner with furniture and cabinets. Doing so, however, ends up creating a great sense of clutter that makes the customer uncomfortable.

The solution is to choose furnish that take advantage of the space in height, so as to cut out precious centimeters that would otherwise remain unused. With custom-made furniture you could incorporate columns and niches in the furniture, in order to really take advantage of all the space available.

Sliding doors flush with the wall and flush with the wall create less space, allowing you to insert furniture even behind doors or near columns. Furthermore, once closed they blend in with the walls and reduce the sense of clutter and confusion.

Focus on a minimal style furnish

Are you forced to choose the minimal style to furnish a 45 sqm hairdressing shop ? No, but minimal furnish are easier to manage in the absence of space.

The geometric and unadorned lines help to visually organize the environment.

Choose a small but impactful case

The cash desk of a hairdressing salon is the first thing that welcomes those who enter, the salon’s business card.

Choose a crate that is small but organized. Since the space available is limit. It uses everything available under the counter and invisible to the customer.

Drawers and doors will be used to house customer files, computers, cash registers, POS and printers. Also make sure that the cash desk has a predisposition for the passage of cables which must all necessarily be hidden. Apparently this talk of the cashier may seem trivial to you, but I can guarantee you that 75% of the hairdressers who neglected this step work with a messy and unorganized checkout counter.

Combine colors well

In the case of a small living room, the most classic choice for the walls is white. In fact, the walls of this color tend to reflect light, making the room seem more airy and larger. However, if you want to focus on something more original, you should take a more complex but also more impactful path.

In the article on wall colors for a hair salon, I told you about how you can combine colors and textures to achieve different effects. Depending on the size and degree of illumination of the room, the same color palette can shrink or expand the room.

In the case of a small room, a dark accent wall creates a focal point and makes the room appear more spacious. A slightly lighter ceiling than the walls, on the other hand, increases the airiness. So you see that white is indeed a convenient and affordable solution, but also reductive.

Make use of mirrors and natural light

The small spaces need much light, even better if natural. The lack of light tends to restrict the rooms, a critical problem when you have only 45 square meters available. However, sometimes the small salons are also the less illuminated ones.

If the hall is develop mainly for the long. It is likely that the only source of natural light is the window. As already mentioned in the article on ecological furniture, however, natural light is rarely enough to illuminate the whole store. You therefore need a diffused lighting system that also affects the corners, without leaving areas of shadow.

The mirrors can help to make the store brighter, reflecting the natural light and the lamps. Therefore, when furnishing a small living room, use large mirrors and lots of reflective surfaces.

Choose custom furnish furniture

All the solutions seen above work best if you buy custom furniture. The ready-made furniture is in fact made with rigid lines, design for standard environments. Even when modular, they never fit your spaces 100%.

A custom-made furniture for you, on the other hand, allows you to take advantage of the features of your salon to the fullest. Being designed for your shop, it adapts to your needs and sizes. In this way you can take advantage of all the centimeters at your disposal.

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