How To Soundproof A Room?

For individuals soundproof, hearing the noise of traffic, people passing in the street, wind or rain can quickly become overwhelming. Music lovers, whether they listen to it or play it, also sometimes have difficult relations with the neighborhood …

For professionals and event organizers, it is important to ensure effective soundproof insulation, for everyone’s comfort, as well as for compliance with the law and the rules in force.

Whether it is to avoid exterior nuisances, or conversely to cover interior noise, there are several methods for soundproof a room. The addition of certain specific insulators will thus make it possible to resolve these two problems. Depending on your activity, different solutions are available to you. The Serenata range of products helps you to soundproof a room efficiently, and in complete peace of mind.

Adding thick layers to reduce noise

The first step in soundproofing a room is simply to add material between the source of the noise and the outside. The idea will be to muffle the noise by adding mass to the walls.

Sound insulation foam is therefore ideal for reducing noise pollution by absorbing noise. In this register, Serenata has developed AcouPlast ® , a polyethylene sound absorber with open cells. This soundproofing foam will add thickness to your partitions to absorb noise, while resistant to water and humidity. AcouPlast® is level A regarding ISO M654 and also has a very good fire quality index (B-s1, d0).

For its cutting, a cutter is enough, while you can apply it directly with glue or even Prespins , also available for sale on this site.

AcouPlast® 40mm thick will be recommend for your interiors, while AcouPlast® UV-50 black will be ideal for an outdoor application (for example insulating a heat pump).

Another solution, design from the same material. The baffles can be fixed in your studio, restaurant, swimming pool, or establishment, for better sound insulation. Made from class A insulating foam, fire resistance B-s1, d0 AcouPlast®, Serenata baffles are equipped with a cable suspension system. To soundproof a room, you will have the possibility of fixing the supports by screwing them, or magnetically for an application on a metal beam. To suspend them from sloped ceilings, the clips are adjustable in length. The baffles are available in white or anthracite and offered at a decreasing price.

Successful soundproof of walls and floors

Because they are noise carriers for the neighborhood, and because it is in these places that noise can be best absorb, it is essential to achieve soundproof of a room at wall and floor level.

To meet this need, Serenata Plastibruit is a sound insulation process, ideal for different types of walls and floors.

For walls, Plastibruit Murs , presented in the form of slabs, has a weight of 8kg per m². This weight will allow it to effectively absorb noise, processing sound via the principle of adding mass. Equipped with two non-woven sides, it is possible to cover it with an additional finish. The product is ideal for light partitions.

Easy to apply, it is fixed with glue. Optimal in full application over the entire surface, it is offer at a decreasing price.

The Plastibruit Sol presents meanwhile as an underlayer sound in rolls, weighing 3.3 kg per m². Ideal for sound insulation, but also for thermal insulation.

The rollers cannot be app to tiles, but adapt to other types of surfaces.

Cutting and installation are also quick and easy.

Cover airborne noises

So-called aerial noises can quickly become overwhelming. This type of noise is generate by sources that do not come into contact with the structure of the room. This is the case with television, the telephone, people talking, or different machines.

In this sense, the spiked foam is available on Serenata in 25mm or 45mm thickness. This foam is made of Polyurethane and has open cells, ideal for absorbing airborne noise. It is an effective and recognized sound insulation.

Among the classic airborne noises that this foam covers perfectly, there may be mention engine noises, fans, or even pumps. It also fully ensures the acoustic correction of music studios .

For cutting, a cutter is recommended, and Plastiprène glue is ideal for its application. A self-adhesive version of the spiked foam is also available on the site. The foam, in anthracite color, is also available at a decreasing price.

We can also mention the Pyramidal 30mm from Serenata, also designed from open-cell Polyurethane foam. Ideal for absorbing airborne noise, the Pyramidal effectively provides soundproofing for studios, home theaters, exhibition halls, etc.

The product has been design to increase its absorption capacity, by being equipp with a larger surface to capture and absorb noises. Present in the form of 96x96cm slabs, the Pyramidal is an effective solution for soundproofing a room, and is offer at a declining price.

Music, work: the importance of vibrations

If you have speakers, a music source that produces vibrations, or if you are carrying out work, it is important to take this element into consideration when carrying out your sound insulation. In this case, some materials are indeed particularly suitable.

The Plastison Serenata is an effective sound insulation, which is designed to dampen vibrations. With an upper PVC layer, a lower layer against vibrations, and a central layer against noise, Plastison is a product design to respond to this problem, and with a mass of 6 kg per m² .

It is particularly recommend for renovation work on cars, motorcycles, boats, etc.

For installation, the face is self-adhesive. The Plastison can be easily cut. It adapts to different shapes and angles, and is offer at a decreasing price.

Insulate corners and angles

In addition to the different walls that should be cover. The angles should not be forgot. Indeed, covering them with insulation materials will ensure effective and flawless soundproofing. This is why some of them adapt to angles and corners to guarantee total sound insulation.

The Corner Trap Serenata, also called bass trap, corrects the acoustics of a room. Designed from spike foam, also available in direct application on the site, the corner trap is place at the corners of the room with a glue (Plastiprene is recommend), or can be install directly on furniture or on the floor. Particularly absorbent, the Cornet Trap is adhesive-free, and available in sizes 50x30x30cm. The price decreases according to the quantity ordered.

Safety against fire

Apart from sound insulation, some public establishments, if they are equippe with sound insulation, must also guarantee safety against the ignition of soundproofing materials.

For this purpose, Serenata has designed Plastirend M1 and a new product which is AcouPlast® from open-cell foam which are provided with an additive allowing them to ensure a classification against fire (M1; B-s1 , d0). This is also an open cell foam, ideal for sound insulation and airborne sound absorption.

Equipped with a fire-rated system, Plastirend and AcouPlast® are ideal for public. Commercial establishments where fire classification criteria are require, while ensuring effective soundproofing.

Easy to cut, Plastirend and AcouPlast® attach to the glue and adapt with Prespins also to the corners.

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