Best Leopard Print Top Outfit Ideas

Best Leopard Print Top Outfit Ideas

In the world of fashion, animal prints present themselves as a timeless trend and are very suitable when you want to season your look with a chic and intriguing note. So the Leopard Print Top Outfit Ideas in particular is proving to be a hyper-popular choice for women of all ages, whether it is incorporated as an item of clothing or an accessory. If you are a true fashionista, today we will make you fall in love with this mysterious and captivating print. In the lines that follow, our editorial team gives you some tips on how to include leopard print in your vision, in an elegant and natural way without risking looking vulgar or kitsch.

Leopard Print Top Outfit Ideas in the fashion world

The Leopard Print Top Outfit Ideas was all the rage during the 1930s and since then it has never ceased to tempt daring souls. Leopard fabric is usually a fawn color nicely adorned with black spots in the shape of rosettes. Just like with the rest of the animal motifs, this one also stands out with an attractive and exotic touch, often associated with wild nature and therefore with confidence. Still, there are certain factors to consider in order to stay part of a stylish appearance. Leopard print finds its place among the timeless elements in the feminine wardrobe

Play the leopard print card but integrate it sparingly into your look

Animal prints are the perfect ally when you want to refine your look with an original and attractive accent. However, it is important to use them in moderation so as not to run into bad taste. Thus, we advise you to opt for a single leopard-patterned piece, whether it is a sweater, pants, or a skirt. For an even more subtle effect, you can play the accessories card: a handbag, a pair of glasses or shoes, or a scarf. Still, even if you’re leaning towards small accents, be careful not to squeeze them into an already daring vision. Use it sparingly for a stylish look.

Opt for classic shapes and cuts for a stylish outfit

Since the leopard pattern is quite extravagant, another little tip to keep in mind is to opt for a classic cut, fashionable piece with a simple and clean design. Such an alternative is for example a long and flowing summer dress combined with a belt and a pair of sandals in black. Or, fluid and light 7/8 pants, matched with a black t-shirt and natural accessories such as a vegetable fiber handbag.

Avoid combining leopard fabric with other patterns

Another important point to adopting this intriguing print in your look is not to mix it with other patterns, especially if we are talking about animal or floral themes. If you like bold combinations anyway, try sticking to the same color scheme and pairing big designs with small prints. Another option is to favor more traditional and neutral patterns such as geometric elements.

The leopard design in combo with white or black

One of the most successful ways to wear the leopard print is to match it with classic colors, especially white and black. Depending on the desired result, you can easily integrate it into your outfit, whatever the occasion:

  • For a winter walk – naturally, leopard pants combined with a big white sweater and ankle boots of the same color
  • A city trip during the mid-seasons – a leopard dress/tunic matched with a blazer, a shoulder bag, shoes, and glasses in black
  • For an elegant evening outfit – a stylish black dress accessorized with a clutch and black heels, delicately enhanced by a long animal design coat
  • A work dress style – a leopard shirt with pants and black shoes

Classy women’s outfits with animal accents and neutral colors

Despite the conflicting opinions on this topic, in fact. It is not that difficult to adopt animal accents in her dress style. For that, it is enough quite simply to bet on the scale in its look. In the following photo, we see an inspiring example of a stylish. The professional vision nevertheless stands out with an original touch. The white set combines naturally with the shoes and the handbag in black for a refined look. The long animal-print coat adds an interesting note that is even seen as basic in this outfit. This an inspiring idea on how to integrate the leopard accent into your classy woman’s outfit.

Denim paired with a leopard accessory/garment

Besides neutral shades, denim is an ideal second option that pairs beautifully with the leopard print. And this in a casual chic outfit as well as in a feminine and chic vision at the top! Need a cool idea for your casual chic outfit? Depending on the season, opt for a pair of jeans or denim shorts. Then put on a white, black, or beige top. To complete your look with a fashion touch, add a leopard print blazer, coat, or cardigan.

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