Top Mirror Wall Collage

Top Mirror Wall Collage

Mirror wall collage are a great idea to decorate your home. Nowadays, this becomes normal in every house. Here are some best ideas for making mirror collages for your wall and other parts in-house. In this article, we will discuss mirror wall collage, circle mirror wall decor, urban outfitters mirror, and mirror gallery wall.

What is Mirror Wall Collage?

This mirror wall collage was created using acrylic paint and spray paint. I started out with a canvas board and painted the background white. Then I added some black lines around the edges of the canvas. Next, I took my favorite images and cut them out. These were then placed onto the canvas and taped down.

Once they were dry, I sprayed the entire piece with black spray paint. After that, I removed the tape and let the pieces dry. When everything was dry, I took a Sharpie marker and drew over the images with a few different colors. Finally, I took a small brush and brushed over the top of the image with a clear coat of acrylic paint.

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How to make a circle mirror wall decor?

You need to use a circular mirror (or any round mirror) and some paint. You’ll need to cut out a hole in the center of the mirror where you want the frame to go. Then, take a piece of wood and drill a hole in the middle of it. Next, put the mirror inside the frame and screw it together. 

Circle mirror wall decor ideas

If you’re looking for more ideas, here’s a list of things you can do with a circular mirror:

  • Hang it over a bedside table
  • Use it as a nightstand lamp
  • Hang it above a desk
  • Hang it over your kitchen island
  • Hang it over the bathroom sink
  • Hang it over an entryway
  • Hang it over any room in your house
  • Hang it over anything you’d like!

Mirror Wall Decor

Mirror wall decor is a great way to add some style to any room. A mirror wall can be used in many different ways, depending on how much space you have. Mirrors can be hung in a variety of places, including above a fireplace, over a bed, or even on top of cabinets. You can use mirrors to reflect light, create patterns, or just make a statement. Mirrors can be used to brighten up dark spaces, making them appear larger than they actually are. If you’re looking to add some flair to your home, consider using a mirror wall!

Mirror Wall

A mirror wall is a great way to keep track of what’s going on in your grow room without having to look at the plants directly. You can use a mirror wall to check on the temperature, humidity, airflow, and CO2 levels. A mirror wall collage can also help you monitor your plants’ progress throughout the entire growing cycle.

Urban Outfitters Mirror – $12.99

Urban Outfitters Mirrors are perfect for adding some fun to any room! These mirrors have a unique design that makes them stand out in any home decor. Urban Outfitters Mirrors feature a sleek black frame with a white mirrored surface. Each Urban Outfitters Mirror measures approximately 30 inches wide x 24 inches high x 1 inch deep.

How to make a mirror gallery wall

1. Materials

The materials I chose were all things I had around my house. I wanted to keep it simple and not spend much money.

2. Tools

I used a hammer drill and screwdriver to make holes in the wood.

3. Process

I started off by drilling holes in the wood using a hammer drill. Then I screwed in some screws to hold the mirror in place.

4. Result

It turned out really well!

Stylist’s gold mirror walls

What at first seems like a difficult and time-consuming project, turns out to be quite simple and easy! It’s a lot easier than it looks. Today I share some tips that I used so you can create your own mirror gallery wall!

How to Create a Mirror Gallery Wall

1. Gather Your Mirrors and frames

For this gallery wall, I used a combination of gold-framed mirrors and gold-framed prints. During my shopping adventure, I tried searching for gold mirrors that I love, but I found these pretty gold floral print mirrors that turned out to be perfect! The best places to find vintage mirrors are on  Facebook marketplaces, antique malls, and thrift stores! Your mirrors don’t have to be the same color frame, don’t be afraid to mix it up!

2. Map out your mirror gallery wall

Place all your mirrors and frames on the floor and start positioning objects. Make sure to use the same dimensions for the floor layout. Measure your wall space and consider the same measurements on the floor. To be more specific, you can glue the floor with blue tape if it helps to create a better visual. I really just really gave it wings… and ended up with a LOT of holes in my wall. So trust me… sure to measure!

3. Equip All Mirrors For Hanging

Make sure all mirrors have the proper hanging devices. I flipped one of the gold floral prints aside and had to move the hanger to the correct position. You can also hang items that don’t have hooks, such as plates or trays, using these disc hangers.

4. Hang

Now is the time to get out! I start with the center mirror because everything else is center based. I wanted the center mirror to be centered on the wall, so I measured from the ceiling and from the table to make sure it was centered. To hang objects, I used screws. Then I moved on to the other mirrors, held them in place on the wall, marked the top, then put the appropriate screw on the wall. Simple and easy!

Don’t be afraid to punch holes in your wall! They can be easily repaired! Also, the measurements don’t have to be exact, I promise you can’t falsify that. As long as the mirror is held in the desired area, simply mark the position, add screws, and hang it!


We have discussed the mirror wall collage, circle mirror wall decor, mirror wall decor, urban outfitters mirror, and urban outfitters mirror.

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