Professional Tools To Improve Our Kitchen

For many, cooking is a great passion. For others it is a matter of necessity. Either way, with the right tools,can make everything easier and more fun. Yes, because sometimes it takes very little to improve the success of a dish or its serving, making even the simplest recipe something that satisfies both the sight and the palate. And there are many kitchen accessories. Just go to any shop dedicated to the home to discover an infinity of knives, pliers, more or less technological tools. Which to choose? What shouldn’t be missing in our homes to help us prepare delicious recipes? Discover 10 professional tools to improve our kitchen.

      1. Chinoise : Also called sauce pass or Chinese strainer, it is a conical-shaped, perforated instrument that is used to filter the bottom of sauces and other liquid preparations, such as homemade fruit juices, broths or fish comics. Compared to the strainer that we may already have at home, it has larger meshes to filter more full-bodied fluids such as creams, which thus take on a smoother consistency, without lumps. Not only. It is useful for separating the seeds from tomato purees, sauces and jams or marmalades. And it can be used for immersion, cooking in hot water or for frying, but also simply to drain pasta. It is usually made of stainless steel and therefore very resistant.

     2. Copper : The pots in this material are beautiful to look at and give that semblance of country chic to our kitchens. However, they are not just decorative objects. They are in fact appreciated by cooks because they distribute heat better than steel and allow cooking even at high temperatures without burning the food. These pots heat up quickly and maintain the temperature. At the time of purchase, however, check that the inside is tinned because some foods, such as acidic ones, can affect the copper.

     3. Mandolin : Also known as a vegetable slicer, it resembles the cheese grater, but is specific for vegetables and fruit. In fact, it helps us to cut them faster, all with the same thickness and, if desired, with various shapes, from discs to julienne. And, having the same size, the fruit or vegetables will be aesthetically more beautiful and scenographic in a salad, but this particularity will also guarantee a more uniform cooking in a pan, in the oven or in frying. It is, for example, very useful for making crunchy and tasty potato chips. The blade can be in steel or ceramic and in the most complete mandolins it is possible to change it to create different shapes. There is, for example, also a wavy one.

     4. Tarot : Small, but so interesting. The tarot is a kind of metal or plastic spatula that has many different functions. First of all, it is essential in pastry and bread making to collect the dough, portion them accurately and quickly thanks to the ruler on the tarot. It is then use to work the chocolate and correctly label the icing of the cakes. Or you will need this tool to recover all the mixture from the bowls or the ingredients from the pastry boards. It does not scratch the materials and it does not take up much space in the kitchen. 

     5. Hand blender or hand blender : The best solution to obtain pureed, velvety and vegetable creams, hot or cold, in a simple and fast way. Not only. It can help us get smooth sauces, without lumps. Even bechamel or mayonnaise. And, depending on the accessories and the complexity of the tool, you can also blend and chop to obtain excellent smoothies, milkshakes, homemade homogenized, pesto and legume hummus. Some are even equipped with whisk for whipping, for example, cream or egg whites. In short, with a single tool you will solve several problems. Better to choose those in steel, which withstand high temperatures well, and those that are easy to disassemble and wash. 

     6. Pasta cutter or pastry cutter : It is a round steel mold, of variable diameter, which, as the name implies, is primarily used to cut fresh pasta. If you are not so practical in professional tools to improve our kitchen you can still use this tool for many other interesting uses. For example, to create perfectly round homemade burgers or turn your everyday kitchen into a gourmet experience. In fact, the coppapasta is perfect for creating refined dishes of tartare, pasta, rice, vegetables, mousse, etc. Just fill and level them with the back of a spoon. You can then cut out biscuits or sponge cake or prepare single-portion cakes. Also in this case you can make an impression with very little. 

     7. Kettle : Can’t you just heat the water in a saucepan? Yes, but professional tools to improve our kitchen the kettle allows you to speed up the time by boiling in less than a minute and cooking, for example, pasta or couscous. The more professional ones then have the ability to adjust the temperature (from 40 ° to 100 ° C), saving you time in other situations as well. Think, for example, of when you have to dissolve the yeast in warm water. And they usually have a button to keep the water warm as well. A kettle of this type will also allow you to properly prepare single-origin tea and coffee, releasing the maximum sensory potential. Finally, it is useful for preparing baby food in a simpler and faster way. 

     8. Food thermometer : As we have seen for the kettle, the temperature is important. How many dishes are spoiled for wrong cooking? A food thermometer is enough to remove any doubts. The most useful is the insertion one of which there are various types. The first is the one for roasts that allows you to measure the temperature of meat cooked in the oven, on the grill or in a pan. Excellent for meat, in particular that cooked on the barbecue, even the probe thermometer, which will also be used to caramelize the sugar or check the internal temperature of some desserts. Then there is the thermometer for frying, the one for chocolate or for leavening. Based on your habits, choose the one that suits you best and then see. Since they don’t take up much space, you can gradually stock up on all types. 

     9. Funnel : A great way to transfer liquids and doughs without getting too dirty and making the right doses. Also in this case there are various types. The one, for example, also equipped with a dispenser or colander is useful for filling molds, preparing crepes, pancakes. Cream puffs or garnishing with precision. There is a jam funnel to be able to pour them and other preserves easily into the various jars. Then there is the pouring funnel to fill the bottles. In some you can add a filter to sift any ingredients. However, it is better to choose it in steel because it is more resistant. Even at high temperatures, and easier to wash. 

      10. Basket for aromas : It looks like a tea strainer. It is a perforated steel ball where you can insert spices. Aromatic herbs to flavor and perfume our dishes without leaving residues. It is the famous bouquet garni, a bunch of aromas used for broths, sauces, stews, soups or other slow and patient preparations. The basket has a wire that allows you to easily remove everything at the right time.

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