Starting Your Own Graphic Design Business

Starting your own graphic design business is not an easy task to do. One has to go through every minor to major detail before starting it. Graphic designing is a creative field where your creativity works. It is also a very rapidly growing field. In this blog, we will break down every step you need to follow before starting a graphic designing venture.

The First Step is to Define Your Niche (Starting your own graphic design business)

Choosing and defining your niche is the most important and foremost task. It’s important to identify your target market i.e. your ideal clients then choose your place. It’s important to like what you are doing the most so choose your niche accordingly.

Some niche graphic design ideas include:

  1. Logo design
  2. Web design
  3. Animation
  4. Typography
  5. Brochure design
  6. Poster design
  7. Brand strategy
  8. Infographics

Developing a Business Plan

Before starting any business it’s important to make a blueprint of your business plan for the coming 2 years at least. In a business plan, you will briefly explain your company’s details, objectives, growth strategies, SWOT analysis, etc.

It is significant to do extensive market research to answer all the questions related to your business. Your business should have a unique value proposition that differentiates your business from the other ones.

Your business plan will cover all the necessary details that an outside investor will need from your company’s goals and objectives to competitor’s strengths and weaknesses to the marketing strategies everything is written in the business plan.

Setting Up Your Business Infrastructure

Setting Up your Business infrastructure is a crucial step. Choosing a business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, etc.) is a careful decision to analyze your financial position. Each structure has a different registration process. Sole Proprietorship is easy to register and start while starting a private company and partnership firm can be a little bit complex. While starting a company or partnership firm you will have to obtain the necessary licenses to commence your business.

The second most important thing is to set up a professional workspace where you can sit and create creative stuff. The place should have a proper internet connection with all the necessary equipment that a graphic designer needs.

Lastly, your infrastructure must have consisted of project management systems and proper accounting systems to show everything to the governments and fellow officials. By implementing project management systems the efficiency of the team is enhanced.

Creating an Online Presence (Starting your own graphic design business)

Firstly, It is significant for new and small businesses to establish their online presence in order to scale their business. There are many ways to build your online presence but most people start with making a Website. A website will act like a professional portfolio for you. It will show all our work and anyone can reach out to you from your website.

Secondly, you will have to optimize your website for search engines to drive maximum traffic.

Lastly, you have to showcase your work on different social media channels and build a strong network of fellow graphic designers. Create or join freelancing groups on social media to drive connections.

Pricing Your Services

The next step is to determine your pricing strategies wisely. Your pricing of the services should match or be close to your competitor’s pricing in order to survive in the beginning. Also, it should do justice to the quality of work you will be giving your customers.

Pricing can be hourly or fixed rates for a particular set of work or on a package basis. It can vary to single customers or bulk orders.

Marketing and Finding Clients

It is necessary to build credibility in the market to gain more and more business. And to gain this credibility firstly you have to satisfy your customers by providing high-quality work. Secondly, you have to develop a comprehensive marketing plan to drive new and potential customers.

Mostly, in the graphic designing business people make clients via email. Hence you have to work on email marketing and network with industry professionals to create your own network of designers. Thirdly you can attend seminars and organize events to invite and build a connection with people of the same interest.

Managing Client Relationships

After getting a client on board it is important to retain that client for the future which helps to build your business credibility. It is also equally important to have clear communication with your clients regarding their expectations, deadlines, and all the necessary things in between. How will you deliver their project? What will be the project timeline? How many times you will revise your work etc?

Everything must be in written format to avoid any future chaos and maintain professionalism.

A long-term relationship with any client will benefit you in numerous ways. They will help you grow and refer you to other business houses.


By reading the entire blog you must have got an idea of how to starting your own graphic design business. But the most important thing that is needed before starting any business is courage. By courage, I meant the idea of you starting something of your own. And you already have taken the first step so move ahead and take the next step.


1. How to start a graphic design business with no experience?

Ans:- At first, it is essential to gain knowledge about graphic design. It is suggested to consult a senior mentor and an industry professional. Build your own portfolio.

2. How to start graphic design for beginners?

Ans:- With proper skill set and determination any beginners can start their graphic design business by following the above steps.

3. How to learn graphic design online?

Ans:- You can learn graphic designing online through various free as well as paid platforms. There are many channels on youtube that teach graphic designing free of cost. Also, there is Udemy and other platforms that teaches graphic design at a minimal cost with guaranteed placement.

4. How to become graphic designer at home?

Ans:- You can be a graphic designer at home by learning online the skill set that is needed. And build a strong portfolio that showcases your work. Secondly, create your online presence and register yourself on various freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, etc.

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