Stress Without Decorating Tips to Your New Space

You have just moved into your new home, the move went well, but what atmosphere will you create in this new place of life? A change of accommodation is also often a change of decor! You don’t want to find the atmosphere of your old apartment or your old house in the new one. Take the opportunity to renew this interior. Follow our advice and set up your new space stress-free.

Visualize your house as a whole

The first thing to watch out for is to visualize your space as a whole. Indeed, it is important that everything creates harmony in order to feel good there. For example, if the kitchen is open to the living room, pay attention that the colors of the worktops and fronts match the whole room. It is also an opportunity to delimit the different living spaces that you want in the house, in order to create their atmosphere. If you have children, would you like to match the colors of their rooms or let their imaginations run wild? Finally, do not think piece by piece, but as a whole.

Adapt your furniture to your new interior

Or your new interior to your furniture? Ask yourself, what is the priority for you? Is a new interior an opportunity to get rid of your old furniture that you couldn’t see anymore? And if, on the contrary, you have pieces that you care about, how do you match them with your new interior?

You can also use the customization solution: create something new from your old furniture. Sand, varnish, paint … so many makeover ideas that could change a piece of furniture!

Don’t buy too much at once

Avoid this trap, you have a whole interior to arrange, it’s tempting, but buy room by room. Why? This will prevent you from surprises in terms of agreements. Choose first by space, what atmosphere do you want to find in your lounge area? Already tune the sofas and the coffee table. Then, which dining table to choose according to this already imagined space? Make sure the pieces fit together piece by piece.

Don’t bet everything on the new trendy color

Duck blue, mustard yellow, pastel pinkā€¦ it makes you want to. But don’t put all of your marbles in one bag. If this color gets boring quickly, you will just have to do all the decoration in this color! Or then all you have to do is give it a good brushstroke. Favor a few touches of the color you like, it’s safer. Then choose more neutral colors, which will always be easily adaptable with the rest of your decor.

Think also practical

Designing the interior of your dreams or the one you may have seen in magazines is good, but for everyday life, it may not be ideal.

The beautiful interior is attractive, but a practical interior will serve you in everyday life. Think about how you move around the rooms, and try to make them as easy as possible. Organize space, do not overload decorative elements for example. Also, think about who you are going to welcome in your interior. Your guests, your children? We will not choose to place a large thick carpet in the entrance hall if you receive it often.

Avoid mixing all styles

As we could say before, it goes hand in hand without stress think of the whole of his house. Also, think of your decoration as a set. Do not get lost in mixing all styles, your interior will tire you much faster. Without falling into the unique style, learn to dose!

Take your time

Finally, take your time to arrange your interior to your tastes. Do not stress yourself, better to glean beautiful pieces every now and then that will go well stress with the whole rather than rushing to buy everything all at once. The experience will benefit you. Above all, it must remain a pleasure, and the main thing is to feel good at home.

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