Suspender man: how to wear them?

Suspender man: how to wear them?

The suspender men, in almost all parts of the world. Are consider an article overtaken by the classic look of the lovers. While in England. The United States, by contrast, is popular, but for different reasons.

The suspender men are the accessory that Americans prefer for their comfort and convenience, and perhaps also because they are a bit ‘nostalgic; for the English the ” Suspenders ” ( Braces in English ) are instead mostly an attachment to tradition.

Both undoubtedly demonstrate a certain reluctance towards excessive elegance, unlike Italians, where in fact it is difficult to imagine wearing a pair of men’s suspenders over a Brioni suit and appearing in a shirt in front of an international audience, as it does. well-known CNN talk show host Larry King on a daily basis.

In Continental Europe, it is mainly Anglophile dandies and zealous shop assistants who wear the authentic English braces ( braces with buttons ), those that button at the waistband of the trousers.

The slim and anonymous pieces. That can be found for sale. In the accessories department of the department stores. Have nothing to do with the original men’s suspenders.

Men’s braces how to wear them(suspender)

The purpose of the Men’s Suspender is to keep trousers on, the same as belts. But in general, with better results, as well as being consider practical and professional.

How are the suspenders put on? To wear them well, they must be tight enough not to slip over your shoulders and be in line with the other pieces of your outfit.

First, you have to choose the suspenders model (Y or X), with the X-weave generally better to support the pants, as they can be widened.

After, you have to attach the back of the suspenders to the back of the pants centering the bands, wear the pants (better the high-waisted ones) and never put the belt (useless with the suspenders).

We must cross the straps behind the back (X-weave in the middle of the back, Y a little higher). Bring the two front blades on the torso to be attached. The front of the pants with buttons or clamps.

The weaves of the suspenders

Among the various types of men’s suspenders, a key feature to take into account when choosing is the weave.

On the front, there is no question, the two strips of fabric, leather or hide run parallel along the chest. But along the back the speech becomes complicated.

The suspenders can have an  X or Y weave, and even in this choice, there are factors to take into account: above all comfort.

The X-weave certainly offers more comfort, because there are two fabric bands that go down to fasten men’s trousers with suspenders.

The Y weave, on the other hand, is more particular. But also more uncomfortable, because they have only one connection on the back.

If we choose braces with Y-weave. The shirt inside the trousers will tend to come out more easily. Creating a messy effect to be avoided at all costs.

While the X-weave is suitable for all body types, the Y-weave only works on thin, possibly tall men.

Which color to choose for men’s suspenders?

Since the choice narrows by itself once. The model is chosen. It is the turn of the color.

The most common are obviously blue suspenders or black suspenders, more suitable for elegant looks (if we are talking about those with buttonholes) or rock ones (such as skinny suspenders with clamps, perfect with tight jeans and a white shirt, in skinhead style).

Then there is a wide range of men’s red suspenders, the most iconic, often preferred by the real power of the earth, the bankers; or the white suspenders, for brave dandies.

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