The Coffee Dessert Guide

The Coffee Dessert Guide

Is there anything more comforting than the scent of coffee? With its diversity of aromatic notes – chocolate, caramel, spices, fruit – it adds a rich but unsweetened taste to cookies, cakes, puddings and other desserts. Here’s how to infuse a little originality into your favorite treats.

Three ways to make coffee taste great

You can use any kind of coffee to make desserts, but a spoonful of powdered espresso does not work the same in a recipe as a cup of brewed coffee. Here’s how to get the most out of each kind of coffee.

  • Brewed coffee or espresso.

    To express their full flavor, ground coffee beans must be infused; and when you use this brew, you add liquid to your recipe along with the great coffee taste you are looking for. Espresso and brewed coffee provide a more subtle flavor than powdered coffee or freeze-dried soluble coffee; they give excellent results in mousse recipes, puddings, etc., and they are essential for dipping cookies with a spoon when preparing tiramisu. Quick tip: Some chefs are adept at using freshly ground beans for the best taste possible, but good quality ground coffee does the trick in most recipes.

Strong coffee 101

While some recipes call for regular brewed coffee, others call for strong brewed espresso. If the recipe does not indicate any particular strength, prepare the according to the usual proportions. If she calls for strong coffee, use one. A half times the usual amount of ground with the normal amount of water. Quick tip: If you only need a small amount of liquid coffee, quickly brew a cup in a French press.

  • Ground coffee.

    Whether you grind your beans yourself or buy them already ground, a small amount of this form of coffee will give your recipes a strong flavor. Ground coffee works well in doughs (both cake dough and pie crust) and thick sauces. The fact that you don’t ask for it to brew comes in handy – just add one. spoonful. Finally, since ground comes in a wide variety of flavors and roasts, you can have fun creating delicious desserts with a variety of tastes.

  • Instant coffee granules and instant espresso powder.

    These are infused then freeze-dried coffees, not finely ground beans. These coffees are easy to measure, rehydrate in any liquid and invariably provide a strong taste. Instant coffee and espresso are often used in cakes, cookies, and custards, where a small amount can be “activated” by any liquid, even eggs and butter.

Follow the instructions

Use the kind of coffee requested in the recipe. A robust espresso or a full-bodied roast will add depth to rich, flavorful desserts. While lighter or fruity varieties will give just enough power to delicate desserts.

Also follow the instructions for the temperature of the coffee. Hot brewed it is perfect in sauces and chocolate cakes made with cocoa powder. It creates a rich texture of fudge while intensifying the chocolate notes of cocoa and toning down its bitter notes. On the other hand, cold brew coffee – it can be a tasty Sensations by Compliments Cold Brew Coffee or just leftovers in the morning – works great in chilled desserts.

Beautiful combinations of flavors

The best ingredients to pair with coffee are chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, nuts (such as almonds and hazelnuts), caramel. Certain fruits (including orange zest, dried figs and fresh cherries). You can combine these flavors in different ways. Stir vanilla or almond extract into a coffee flavored cake batter, or add ground spices to the dry ingredients. Or, simmer coffee infused with sugar in equal amounts to make coffee syrup. You can also steep spices in hot coffee. Dissolve instant in vanilla extract instead of water for extra flavor.

Quick tip: by adding just a little coffee to the chocolate, you will bring out the rich and deep aromas of cocoa in cakes and brownies. Without them tasting like coffee!

Fresh inspiration

It is as delicious cold as it is hot. Try it in ice cream , sorbets, semifreddos, popsicles, mousse or granita. Impress your guests with our Easy Panettone Tiramisu or our tasty  Choco-Espresso Pudding Cups . You can also mix cold and hot in an affogato , an adult version of the classic ice cream float that features hot espresso poured over vanilla ice cream. These are great additions to your party menus. They can be prepared ahead of time and require minimal assembly at time of service.

Crazy bakery and pastry

Coffee is perfect in baking and pastry recipes. Its rich, bittersweet taste gives depth to cakes, cheesecakes, pies, cookies, muffins, breads and soufflés. It brings out the chocolate flavor of our Fudge Layer Cake with Avocado Chocolate  Frosting , our  Coffee Brownies and our moist Chocolate- Crackle Cookies. Not a chocolate lover? Try it, Nut and Blueberry Meringue Cake for a delicious ending to a special dinner.

Tasteful Gifts

Be the guest everyone wants to have at home! We will welcome you with open arms if you arrive with a box of homemade coffee-flavored treats, such as our irresistible chocolate truffles  rolled in espresso powder or our deliciously creamy tiramisu flavored Fudge . You can also bring a jar of Easy Chocolate Sauce, perfect for dipping juicy strawberries. Drizzling over ice cream or profiteroles. If you’re lucky, your host might share their gift with you!

Dessert in a cup

Dessert doesn’t have to be served on plates or bowls – a chic coffee drink is a great way to end the meal, too. For a comforting finish, try our Spiced Hazelnut Café Latte (spiced with hazelnut liqueur for a special touch), Eggnog Coffee or  Almond and Spice Latte . For a fresh treat, concoct a  Mocha Milkshake or an  Espresso Martini  topped with a homemade Irish cream.


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