The Ins And Outs Of International Car Shipping From Atlanta

The Ins And Outs Of International Car Shipping From Atlanta

International shipping is a complex process. If you decide to move to another country or discover the car of your dreams in a different nation, things will be challenging. The issue of transporting a vehicle over foreign borders can give you a headache and might seem overwhelming at first.

International car shipping exists to solve that problem. Instead of trying to find a way to drive over borders, renew your passport, or even join a cruise to get the automobile across the ocean, you can hire a company to do everything for you. Here’s everything you need to know about transporting a vehicle internationally.

Understand the regulations regarding import and export

Every country has different regulations when it comes to imports and exports. It’s the first thing you need to take into consideration. The rules range from guidelines about where the steering wheel should be placed, to emission requirements, and age limitations. Make sure to perform in-depth research to stay clear of legal entanglements.

Understand the role of customs

Customs clearance is the next step when it comes to international auto transportation. Be prepared. You will need a lot of documents. You will need written confirmation about the original title of the automobile, evidence that you’re the real owner and an import permit.

Treat this process seriously, and provide the documentation in full. If you don’t comply with the laws set forth by customs, you may face penalties, delays, and even the impounding of your vehicle. That adds more stress, so find out the requirements beforehand.

What kind of container will you choose?

When it comes to regular shipping, there are two options: open and closed. International shipping is divided into two primary modes for transporting goods. It’s container and roll-on/ roll-off shipping.

Containers are more secure. They’re closed from all sides, and they typically have a higher cost. RoRo shipping is the more affordable option, if the car is in working condition. They will load and unload the car without an enclosure, where it’s at risk of damage. Your decision will be influence by your available funds, the type of vehicle you are transporting, and the degree of confidence you have when it comes to safety.

If you’re getting a used car for your kid to drive around after getting their license, RoRo is a perfectly fine option. But if you want to get a brand-new luxury piece, or the car of your dreams, don’t settle for anything less than a high-secure container. Find out more here.

What are the costs involved?

International shipping over multiple borders may run you a pretty penny. But it’s not only the freight charges you have to think about. Taxes, fees, and other costs may be incurred, which add up quickly.

For this, it’s important to do some research beforehand. See how the entire process works, and for which

things you can get duty exemptions. There might be temporary import rules since several nations waive duties for car imports or returning citizens.

If you’re a veteran, ask for a military discount. If you’re a student, ask if they have any price reductions for college attendees or people under 25. Places like car shipping Atlanta will answer all of your queries. Do some research online, make a few calls, read reviews, and find out what you’re getting into.

Compare the costs of getting a new car from overseas to getting the same model locally. Calculate the shipping costs and see if the decision makes sense.

How to prepare your car for international shipping?

The process to prepare your car for international shipping is the same as doing it for a local transfer. First, you need to go to the mechanic for routine maintenance. Have them check the oil, brakes, coolant levels, tire pressure, and filters.

Then, remove all of your personal items before the trip. You don’t want to leave important documents, watches, or something of value, because someone might break a window and steal it. Don’t fill the tank completely. Instead, leave about a quarter of the gas full.

In addition to this, several nations demand that vehicles be meticulously clean to avoid the introduction of toxins and pests. Before you hand over the keys, take pictures from every angle and keep them. That way, you can easily notice dents, scratches, and damage if it occurs during the trip.

Delivery and tracking

The majority of respectable international auto transport firms provide tracking for their customers. This way, you can watch where your car is at any time, and get ready to pick it up at the agreed destination. After landing, the vehicle goes through customs processing. Then, when it’s clear, you can take a drive off into the sunset.


International shipping is a complicated procedure that has multiple stages and things to think about. You have to organize and execute correctly through customs, imports, exports, and legislation. If you have the patience and information, you will effectively tackle this problem.

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