The Knees How to Lose On Weight?

The Knees How to Lose On Weight?

Fat can be stored anywhere: in the thighs, buttocks, hips … But also in the knees. To get rid of it, a good diet is essential, as well as some physical exercise. Vincent Pedraza, sports coach, gives us his advice. On the menu: squats, lunges, jump rope or running. 


  1. Knee fat, where does it come from?
  2. How to lose weight on the knees?
  3. Daily tips for losing knees

The knees fat, where does it come from?

A poor diet and a lack of exercise promote overweight including fat in the knees . The latter can also find its origin elsewhere: it can indeed be a problem of heredity or cellulite stored on the lower quadriceps due to poor blood circulation or problems with water retention

In addition, wearing tight clothing , exposure to significant heat or having your  legs cross sitting all day are factors that can lead to small bulges in this joint.

How to lose weight on the knees?

“To eliminate the fat on the top of the knees and sides, you have to work the quadriceps , that is to say, the muscle on the front of the thigh , reports Vincent Pedraza, sports coach 1 .  We must therefore  focus on exercises  that target this part of the body “. However, the expert counterbalances:  “it is first and foremost a varied and balanced diet that will allow good results, because it is difficult to refine a particular place.  The human body is complex and everyone reacts differently “ . In other words, there is no secret: to play sports but also to eat better ! 

Exercises to work the upper leg

During your workouts, you will have to work the leg muscles . Mainly the quadriceps, but also the  hamstrings , calves and adductors :

  • The squats :  the squat is a complete exercise that will engage many muscles. Start standing , hip-width apart, arms straight out in front of you. Inhale and lower your buttocks back and back straight as if you were about to sit down, while keeping your arms held forward . Go back up while exhaling and lean on your heels , they should never be lifted off the ground. It is possible to do classic squats , or super wide squatsby spreading the legs further to engage the adductors. You can stay static or shift like a crab , spreading your legs and then joining your knees. ” Vincent Pedraza advises to go down as much as possible , seeking amplitude and doing around 4 sets of 20 repetitions , depending on your abilities. of each;
  • The slots :  advance one foot in front and the other behind the rear heel off. We stay upright and go down to the ground. To work well, the weight of the body must remain on the heels. Go back up, then back down. “You can also do lunges while walking , with a weight held in each hand” , underlines the specialist, who recommends 4 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions on each leg, always to be seen on a case by case basis;
  • The chair against the wall:  as the name suggests, you will imitate your position on an invisible chair . With your back against a wall,  lower your pelvis until you have your thighs parallel to the ground. Place your arms at your sides or in front of you, they should not be used for support. Attempt to hold the position for 30 seconds to 1 minute and repeat 4 times . You can vary by holding on one leg and alternating. Remember to blow.

Machines for use in the gym

A sports machine is ideal for targeting fat in the knees: the leg extension . When seated, a weight is placed at the ankles. The goal is to try to lift and stretch the legs slightly but never completely to avoid damaging the joints , explains Vincent Pedraza. The ideal is to do about  3 sets of 15 repetitions . 

Some cardio sports are also effective, such as running and skipping rope . ” These two activities should be avoided for overweight people or those with injured knees , because there is a strong impact on the joints. It is better to favor the elliptical trainer , because there is no of risk of trauma to the joints . Concerning the length, it’s case by case, but the trainer advises  10 sets of 15 seconds of jump rope and vary the intensity for running practicing the split alternated toshort run at 10km / h.

Targeted massages

Many draining treatments exist in institutes. For the knees, beauticians will often advise the palpate roll to dislodge concentrated cellulite. Several sessions may be necessary, the ideal is to inquire at a institute.

Daily tips for losing knees

  • Do not cross your knees over each other;
  • Promote natural drainage by drinking green tea and plenty of water;
  • Avoid wearing only clothing close to the body;
  • Limit fatty , sugary, overly salty and processed foods ;
  • Give preference to vegetables , fruits, lean meats and fish;
  • Prefer  complete starches and  legumes ;
  • Stimulate blood circulation on your legs, “by favoring showers in cold water to tone up” , suggests Vincent Pedraza. 

Cryolipolysis sessions

If this really made you too complex and sport does nothing, other solutions may be available to you. Head for cryolipolysis if your excess fat is well located . This technology relies on cold to destroy fat. Without operation, this technique is perform using a device that will expose the affected area to  extreme cooling for about an hour. The fatty cells are gradually eliminate in the weeks following the session. However, this option has a cost since it will take around 500 euros for an area and it sometimes takes 1 to 3 sessions.

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