Bouquets of Flowers for Different Occasions

Flowers have always been the best way to convey love, gratitude or forgiveness. And one of the arrangements that has been used the most to demonstrate such feelings is the bouquets of flowers. There are many people who feel joy or pleasure when receiving this type of detail, which is why it is one of the favorite gifts to express affection to loved ones.

In fact, the emotions that flowers generate have already been studied before. According to a study carried out in 1990 by the University of New Jersey, flowers cause a very particular expression in the people who receive them, which was called the  “Duchenne Smile . This is characterized by being a sincere smile that comes from the heart. 

Now that you are aware of why sending bouquets is an excellent alternative, here we share some gift options that will undoubtedly show your feelings.

Bouquets of flowers to give on every occasion

Although all gift bouquets are beautiful, the impact they generate will be greater if you take into account the tastes, preferences or personality of the person who will receive it. But if you still don’t know where to start, here are some great ideas. 

1. Bouquets of flowers for Valentine’s Day

This date is the ideal occasion to send bouquets of flowers at home, however, the flower depends on the type of relationship you have. For example, if you have just started your courtship, a bouquet of lilac roses will  reflect charm, while, if you already have time together, red roses will express intense and deep love. You can send a spread bouquet  or a circular bouquet , which mixes the roses with hypericum.

2. Bouquet of flowers for your anniversary 

Anniversaries are also the perfect dates to send bouquets home, and believe it or not there is a correct flower for each year. For example, at 5 years old, daisies are the ideal gift; at 10, the daffodils; and at 20, the asters. But if you want to play it safe, red or pink roses, which represent love and passion, are fail-safe. Surprise with a circular bouquet of 50 red roses, wrapped in metallic paper and some pretty ribbons!

3. Bouquet of flowers for a birthday

On birthdays, bouquets of flowers express joy and affection. Whether they are for the couple, as well as for family or friends. You can give bouquets of daisies, violets, roses or a mixed bouquet. If you are in doubt about color, yellow flowers are great for expressing friendship, optimism, and joy. Send a bouquet of 12 yellow roses or if you prefer, a wild orange bouquet , which includes damask roses, orange and white maules, orange astromeliads and red hypericum.

4. Bouquet of flowers for someone sick

Flowers for someone sick say ” I hope you get better ” and not only attract good energy, but also comfort. It is advisable to choose flowers with soft tones; white, for example, signifies purity and health. A bouquet of  lilies and white roses , wrapped in metallic paper and a pompous bow, can be ideal for this purpose. 

5. Bouquet of flowers for mothers day

It is very difficult not to hit a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day. For them, any type of flower or color is perfect, so we recommend a bouquet of peonies , a bouquet of roses with maules and astromeliads or a bouquet of sunflowers with roses , all with bright colors that will match their beauty. 

6. Bouquet of flowers to thank

Finally, it is always a good time to thank someone for having accompanied and supported us at various times. Bet on a bouquet of  sunflowers, blue hydrangeas and solidago  or a bouquet of blue roses accompanied by hypericum. 

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