Cold Soups to Beat The Summer Heat

Cold Soups to Beat The Summer Heat

Today we bring you a compilation of 9 cold soups to combat the summer heat. They are all done in a simple way and with foods that you can find in any market.

The best thing about this collection of recipes is that all of them can be made ahead of time and have them ready when you get home. Although they are also ideal to take to the beach, pool or work as they are very easy to carry.

The basis of these cold creams and soups are fruits and vegetables which are combined to form fresh, tasty and nutrient-dense recipes . Which, in addition, are a good ally in keeping us hydrated.


  • 1 What recipes does this collection of 9 cold soups include to beat the summer heat?
  • 2 Do you need more ideas to prepare your weekly summer menu?

What recipes does this collection of 9 cold soups include to beat the summer heat?

Avocado, Green Apple and Lime Cold Cream: This is a perfect recipe for cooling off and staying energized on hot days. Fresh, simple and quick to enjoy summer without complicating your life in the kitchen.

Vegan melon and apple cold cream: Refreshing brown and quick to make as if it were a gazpacho. And best of all, that you can prepare it ahead of time so that when you get home you have a light recipe ready.

Cold Cucumber and Coconut Milk Soup : A perfect cream for vegan diets and very refreshing for hot days. The flavor of mint, dill associated with cucumber and the sweetness of coconut milk, make this dish a real pleasure for the senses.

Cold pesto soup : This cold and creamy soup combines evaporated milk with the main ingredients of the Genoese pesto: basil, parmesan and pine nuts. The result is a velvety soup full of flavor.

Cold Melon Soup with Cheese, Cucumber, and Mint: Like gazpachos, this cold melon soup is light and refreshing. You will also have it ready in 1 minute and it is so easy that even beginners will manage it.

Cold Cucumber Yogurt Soup: As easy as putting all the ingredients in the glass and crushing them. The result is a rich and very light cream so that taking care of yourself in the summer is easy.

Melon Soup: There are recipes that surprise with their simplicity and this is one of them. With our Thermomix, we will enter a delicious, superfine and original cream for 2 minutes.

Cold Carrot Cream : This recipe has the flavor of sweet carrot with a refreshing touch of mint. And it’s made with ingredients that are easy to find in any market.

Cold celery and tomato soup: Tasty celery and tomato soup, perfect for summer, for dinner or as a starter. Ideal for anyone following low fat diets.

Do you need more ideas to prepare your weekly summer menu?

Soups and creams are undoubtedly a good alternative at any time of the year. That is why we want to help you prepare healthy and balanced menus.

So, if you need more ideas to inspire you, you can take a look at these 2 equally refreshing, healthy and simple recipe collections: 9 exotic gazpachosy 9 cold creams perfect for this summer.

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