Vacuum Cleaner Mattress and UV Humidifier

Vacuum Cleaner Mattress and UV Humidifier

Dyson presents two novelties in the home wellness sector. A humidifier with ultraviolet technology. A vacuum cleaner for upholstery that promises war on mites

AM10 Humidifier is a humidifier for the home

V6 Mattress a vacuum cleaner dedicate to cleaning mattresses. These are the last two Dyson innovations already anticipate at the IFA. Now officially present by the company in Italy. It is with these two novelties that at this moment Dyson focuses its attention on well-being at home. Thus expanding the range of its products which are de facto focus on cleaning.

We have already talk extensively about the AM10 humidifier in this article :

In a device with a similar design to that use for its fan heaters, Dyson inserts an innovative idea, that is to sanitize the water contain in the humidifier before it is introduce into the environment.

There are two technologies on board the AM10 Humidifier:

Ultraviolet Cleanse. Intelligent Climate Control, to measure the temperature. Humidity and then humidify the room air in the correct way. To have healthier air at home you will have to spend 529 euros .

We then had the opportunity to quickly try V6 Mattress, the Dyson vacuum cleaner expressly design for cleaning upholstery, mattresses, sofas, cushions, and for the fight against allergens . Dyson explains to us that according to their researchers, other technologies available on the market, such as UV light or vibration systems, are not as effective as excellent suction and for this reason they have come up with a dedicate cordless handheld vacuum cleaner that manages to vacuum deeply even in the first layer of the mattress thus removing allergens and notorious mites. Suction is guarantee by the V6 digital motor and the motorize brush, which raises the dust to be vacuum.

The air suck in. Then reintroduce into the environment is. So to speak, “clean” by the post-motor filter which is able to retain particles as small as 0.3 microns. We quickly put it to the test on a mattress: the maneuverability, weight and silence are similar to those of other Dyson portable vacuum cleaners, and what we notice is the sensation of a sort of adherence of the brush to the surface given precisely by its particular construction. The price of the V5 Mattress is 359 euros.

The presentation of the new products was also an opportunity to have the company confirm that Dyson will continue on the path to the well-being of domestic environments with the arrival in Italy of an air purifier already available in Japan.

And it seems that 2016 will be a rich year for Dyson, since the robot vacuum cleaner present last year at the IFA should finally arrive in our country and an absolute novelty with a product category, apparently unpublish for Dyson, of but also nothing is known. 

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