John Fashion Shoes Luxurious Shoe in 2022

John fashion brand is one of the most luxurious brands in this fashion industry. Undoubtedly, John Fashion shoes are incredible. Manufacturers use amazing materials to make these shoes. Therefore, they are strong and durable. These shoes are long-lasting too.

You can find many great shoes from John Fashions. Both new and used options are available. Surely, you will get the best deals from John fashion shoes.

Certainly, they have a stylish collection of shoes. You can browse the richly embellished and beaded John Fashion shoes.

Who is John Geiger?

John Geiger is an amazing designer. He was initially known for being the business manager of a football player – Darrelle Revis. Now, he has become the leading mind in the shoe industry.

Journey of Geiger:

He was a sneaker person his entire life. When he knew that he would be getting a signature shoe, he immediately started drawing up ideas. After that, he was part of that shoe-making team. He slowly made his name. Indeed, John Fashions is a huge name now.

Very recently, he expanded his business. He moved into an extraordinary line of shirts, hoodies, basketball shorts, outerwear, sweatpants, and hats. He was from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. John actually graduated from Point Park University. He has a degree in Criminal Justice.

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John Fashion Sandals:

Clearly, these sandals are amazing. They are available in many pretty shades and patterns. In addition, different styles are available. Some sandals have synthetic silken uppers too. Others come with metallic embroidery and sequins. Furthermore, bead detailing is there.

The soft leather-like lining is also present which helps in achieving comfort without compromising style. Thus, you can get both comfort and style with these sandals.

These sandals have a rubber sole for traction. Therefore, they are safe too. They have a 2″ heel pink strappy beaded sandal, which is loved by women all over the world.

John fashion boots:

Boots are luxurious. They look stylish and attractive. Boots are a great way to show sophistication. This type of footwear helps to cover the foot and ankle completely. Thus, they help in keeping your feet warm in winter.

John Fashion boots look super cool. The designs are out of the box. Customers said that they do not smell bad. They also fit well. You will feel very comfortable in these boots.

They will definitely surprise you. The boots fit on thick calves without an issue. So, if you have wide feet, no need to worry. You can trust these shoes blindly.

Why do people love these boots?

These boots feel a little snug. They will enrich your look. These boots also have a thin lining on the inside. The lining is all way through the boot. Some have glitters and stones too. If you are a fan of shine and shimmer then go for those boots. When light hits the uppers, the glitter gives off all shades of colors from different angles. They look extremely pretty.

You can easily choose according to your fashion taste. Different types of boots are present in the collection of John Fashion shoes. They look extremely attractive and gorgeous. In addition, they are very luxurious and classy to look at. Undoubtedly, comfort is high on their list. Moreover, they are always on-trend.

Types of Boots:

There are five types of boots in general. Let’s talk about them.

  • Ankle boots: The name makes it clear. They are up to the ankles. You can easily wear them. A Chelsea boot is a slip-on ankle boot. It comes with an elastic side panel. A Chukka boot or desert boot is an ankle boot made of suede or leather. They have laces too.
  • Cowboy boots: Cowboys used to wear these as work boots. They are heeled shoes. These boots have a wide shaft that hits mid-calf.
  • Hiking boots: These boots are athletic shoes. They have slip-resistant rubber soles as well as a thick insole for arch support. The upper material is thick and extends up to the ankle. These boots are used for hiking in harsh weather conditions. Some hiking boots are water-resistant too.
  • Knee-high boots: These amazing boots come up to the knee. They also have a heel and pointed or rounded toe. Knee-high boots were originally used as horse riding boots.
  • Wellington boots: These are waterproof boots. They protect their feet from the rain. You can also call them galoshes or rain boots. They have a thick, slip-resistant rubber sole. They also have a shaft that hits at the mid-calf or knee.

John fashion heels:

The heel collection of John Fashion is very beautiful. Some unique heels are available for a different look. Beading is also present in some. The synthetic leather upper is scratch resistant. Some glittered and rhinestone decor uppers are there.

You can complete the look of your favorite special heels with these. They look fashionable and sexy at the same time. Moreover, different heel lengths are available to suit your style, comfort level, and fashion taste.

John Fashion women’s clothing:

Apart from shoes, the women’s clothing of John Fashion is just great. Undoubtedly, you can satisfy your needs and demands from their collection. Manufacturers used very soft and comfortable materials. Moreover, they are durable and can last a very long time. They have designs and styles to wear on every occasion. Definitely, these clothes can upgrade your wardrobe instantly.

Why do people love John Fashion shoes?

There are several reasons for loving John fashion shoes. The main reasons are:

  • They are very comfortable.
  • Moreover, these shoes are not hard.
  • They are made from great quality clothes and leather.
  • These shoes are strong, durable, and sturdy.
  • You will get various styles, colors, designs, and patterns.
  • John Fashion also offers you many options.
  • They have trendy designs as well as a modern style.
  • In addition, the brand name is good.
  • They are trustworthy.
  • They also look gorgeous and attractive.


John fashion shoes are amazing. You can get women’s sandals and flip-flops from them. These shoes are great for hot and dry weather. Different types of women’s sandals are available. For instance, gladiator sandals and wedge sandals. Other types of John fashion shoes are also great!

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