Kitchen Furniture That Make You Carpenter

Kitchen has it happened to you that you need more space in the kitchen? For those looking to upgrade the storage units in this important and busy area of ​​the home, we recommend enjoying this idea book packed with wonderful decorating and design tips. Put aside your worries, from now on you will notice how the kitchen will look bigger, it will allow you to kitchen furniture have more space and you will have larger containers where you can place your food, fruits and vegetables without worrying about anything. Below, we have selected the most interesting models to inspire you and decide which one you want for your home.

1. Unify the kitchen furniture with the veneer

One of the best tips we can offer you is to quickly change the plating of your units. It is a very easy way to renovate the kitchen without investing a lot in it, look at the most popular ones we find: Pine, ebony, chestnut, oak veneer and in bright tones, pearl white or the darker ranges in black are never lacking and gray. Combining the top drawers with the master closet will unify the area.

2. Use the spaces to locate furniture

Another of the most useful tips when you want to take advantage of the space is to use the free areas to place wooden furniture on the upper or lateral parts. If the current kitchen has a set of cabinets, why not use the upper part of the room to install new furniture? Believe it or not, this is a very efficient way of not taking up so much space or interrupting the traffic of the place.

3. Place lots of rungs

The more compartments or storage units you have in your kitchen, the easier it will be for you to organize what you want in it. Take a look at this interesting model created by SQL KITCHEN FURNITURE specialists who have located various pantries on the sides of the kitchen, creatively playing with the models and materials of this rustic wood and stained glass kitchen.

4. Use the closets to store products

The closets in the kitchens is how we could say … Our great secret weapon! Since we always need to hide everything, or at least keep it stored, so we suggest you use this space in the house to store cleaning products related to the bathroom and other spaces in the house. Not everything has to be food, why not put bath soap, bleach and other products in this area?

5. Use an island countertop

Having a piece of furniture like this is the most beneficial as it will allow you to have more space on your shelves and cabinets as well as use it on the top to chop dressings or prepare delicious dishes. Many times it is not enough to have built-in countertops in this area, which is why we invite you to invest in this efficient piece of furniture for those in charge of the home.

6. The more units the better

When we are in search of a really efficient space. We think of all the comforts that it will bring to us. Even more so when the priority is to keep everything orderly. Safe so that no unwanted visitor comes and wants to end up with our food and fruits. Having between 10 – 15 cabinets is the best option to organize our utensils and food. Take the account and tell us how many are missing.

7. You can give it more uses

Among the benefits that we have by having a lot of storage space in our kitchen. We find that of using them for another purpose. Which can be from placing bottles of wine and using it as a wine rack or simply. Placing cookbooks and grandmother’s recipes in them. The more kitchen furniture you have at home. The more comfortable it will be for you to use it and cook as many times as you want. 

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