The Beanbag Not Only Comfortable But Also Healthy?

There are still different opinions about the health benefits of bean bags. While some doctors claim that sinking the pelvis in no way comes close to a healthy posture, others are convinced by so-called dynamic sitting. It must therefore be said at the beginning: We cannot give a clear answer to the question in the heading either. But in the following text we try to define the advantages and disadvantages of a beanbag and to create an overall picture that describes a beanbag as precisely as possible.

Just posture not healthy at all? (Beanbag)

For a long time there was a simple rule for the correct posture: it has to be straight. Back your shoulders, pull in your stomach and keep your spine as straight as possible. Few of them manage to do this, especially when sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Dr. For this reason, Eckart von Hirschhausen once said that “sitting is the new smoking”. You only move a little, you sit unergonomically and your body becomes more immobile.

It’s all about movement

But just like for general health, the golden rule has recently also been applie to sitting: It’s all about exercise! Posture doesn’t matter more or less as long as it is changed at short, regular intervals. Why? At some point you slump in a normal desk chair. The spine is expose to unnatural levers that exert too much pressure on certain vertebrae. For example, the constant, slightly downward looking “at the screen” is incredibly stressful for the cervical vertebrae.

To relieve this, more and more orthopedic surgeons recommend moving often. What sounds simple and a little dull is not that simple: Movement is restrict on a normal office chair. Here you can help yourself with an air seat cushion. As a result, the spine is constantly in dynamic movement and does not “stiffen” as quickly. It is comparable to sitting on an exercise ball.

The same principle applies to the beanbag. It is true that the globules adapt exactly to the posture, even if it is bad. But constant movement is possible and that helps protect the spine. However, if you spend several hours in a beanbag without moving, you are definitely not doing yourself a favor. For this reason, it is best to work sitting down, but above all, standing up from time to time! As I said: it’s all about movement! Even in a beanbag!

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