Lipsticks to Put Under The Christmas Tree

Lipstick is the perfect gift to put under the Christmas tree, but you have to choose the right one depending on who will receive it. Every woman has different needs and habits, so we have created a guide to Christmas gifts dedicated to lipsticks to help you choose the ideal cosmetic to give: from teenagers to mothers, through the career woman and the one who loves sports, that’s it. Lipsticks for Christmas 2020.

After a year in which we have almost always given up on lip makeup, putting lipstick under the Christmas tree can be a gift full of positivity and good luck. Choosing the right lipstick to give as a gift may not be easy but we have thought of a guide to Christmas gifts to find the right lipstick for every woman, from mom to teen sister, to career woman and to the one who loves sports. Every woman has different needs and knowing how to find the right gift for her will make her even happier. Here are all the ideas to put under the tree.

The ideal lipsticks for the teenager

Teenagers love to experiment and change their look, a lipstick is not enough! For them, the kits that contain the travel size or lipsticks in mini format are perfect, perfect for experimenting with new make-up but also to always carry with you. Among the perfect gifts is the Lasting Kiss set by Wycon which contains the perfect trio of timeless liquid lipsticks ranging from nude to red. The Better Not Pout But If You Do Keep It Glossy by Too Faced, a box with four lip glosses intense and luxurious in a deluxe format in delightful shades and limited edition Christmas fragrances.

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The lipsticks for the career woman

Whatever her profession, the career woman is almost always in a hurry but does not give up on perfection. For her, the perfect lipsticks are practical and comfortable ones. For those who love softer make-up, Charlotte Tilbury’s Walk of No Shame Lip is perfect, containing a travel-size pencil combined with one of the most loved lipsticks by the stars. If, on the other hand, those who will receive the gift are lovers of bright and bright colors.

The perfect gift is the 2 in 1 Lip Marker by deBBY: it has the shape of an ultra-thin tip marker to define the lips. Color them at the same time with extreme ease. It releases a full, super pigmented, and uniform color and is enriched with ALOE VERA to moisturize the lips from morning until evening.

The lipstick to give to your fashionista friend

For the friend who follows fashions and trends. The perfect lipstick is a limited edition or lipstick contained in crazy packaging. Among the ideas not to be missed is Path Mc Grath’s Matte Trance Pave Celestial Divinity Collection. Lipstick is enclosed in a handmade case adorned with Swarovski crystals: in addition to the wonderful packaging. The content is no exception. The lipstick coats the lips with a color-rich in pigment that gives sublime hydration.

Also perfect is theĀ  Rouge a Levres Lunaison by Gucci. The glitter lipstick was create in a limited edition for the Christmas holidays. Its glitter formula is coated with iridescent pearls, which create a shiny and velvety effect on the lips.

Lipstick for mom

Often for a mother, lipstick is one of those essential cosmetics to complete. The make-up or to give a touch of color even when she is removed. For her, you can choose soft and delicate colors perfect to wear at work. Such as the Soft Matte Lipstick by Rimmel London for lips with a matte and velvety finish. But at the same time soft and hydrated or the Korff Fluid Lipstick thanks to its applicator Precise has an easy application. Gives brilliance and comfort to the lips.

If, on the other hand, she is a lover of reds. The perfect lipstick for her is theĀ  Rouge de Fruit Intense by L’Occitane. A limited-edition lipstick enriched with vitamin E, grapefruit oil, carrot, and pomegranate.

The lipsticks to give to the woman who loves sports

Those who love sports often dedicate themselves to workouts in the gym. Sessions in the pool may not love lip makeup, but they certainly don’t give up on hydration. If you want to give a cosmetic dedicated to the lips. You can choose Dior’s Lip Maximizer the iconic plumping gloss that ensures volume. Comfort and shine thanks to its formula containing plumping hyaluronic acid spheres with moisturizing power to make the lips even softer.

The Pro Kiss’R Luscious Lip Balm by Fenty Beauty is also perfect: its formula is based on shea butter. Mango seeds are smooth and nourishing making the lips instantly softer and giving a veil of color. For the sportswoman who does not want to give up lipstick. The Benetint lip tint by Benefit is ideal. Perfect for giving a touch of color not only to the lips but also to the cheeks.

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