Merino Wool: Origin and Maintenance

It is undeniable, winter is approaching, the days are getting less bright, the cold more bitter … A period when the desire for softness and warmth is more pressing. Even for you Gentlemen who pay attention to your look while having a vital need for comfort! The merino wool sweater is made for you: soft to the touch, warm and light, while being elegant and chic. Not yet convinced? To overcome the last reservations, we explain everything about the origin and of course the maintenance of this beautiful merino wool.

Merino wool, a wool mainly produced in Australia

Merino sheep have dense wool.

  • A sheep with a very dense fleece

Merino is a sheep. But not just any! It is the sheep that produces the finest wool of all sheep wool. Its very short fiber is around 16 to 25 microns, thinner than a hair! To this record is added that of the quantity of wool supplied: from 3 to 6 km per mowing. A wool that has the advantage of not having a jar, that is to say hard hair, therefore exceptionally soft.

So will you tell me where this particular sheep comes from? The etymology of its name suggests a Spanish origin. It’s true, but it’s been a long time since it left the sun to reach the more contrasting climate of Australia, the world’s largest producer. It must be recognized that the temperate climate, between cold winter and hot summer, and above all the rich and rich pastures correspond to it better. But as the merino sheep are adaptable, they are also raised in our French latitudes.

  • Merino wool, a 100% natural material

The merino sheep is recognizable among all sheep with its thick, curly fleece which gives an abundant, comfortable wool, three times finer than traditional wools. A wool that is also very warm, the sheep sometimes having to withstand the low, very low temperatures of the southern winter … down to minus 20 ° C! Something to reassure you about the comfort of your men’s merino sweater.

When spring returns, the breeders rid their animals of their fleeces that have become far too hot. Especially since this fleece will grow, grow… Shearing, practiced by real professionals, therefore frees the sheep from its overly bulky coat. Sometimes even twice a year.

  • Merino wool, a quality wool

Like all wools, the finer the fiber of your merino sweater , the better the quality. And in this matter, it’s all about microns. Only Angora rabbit wool is finer. A yarn that will allow you to knit very silky, light and non-itchy merino wool sweaters.

Care adapted to quality wool

  • Mandatory cold washing

To ensure a long life and hold for your men’s merino sweater, you will need to wash it with a few precautions. Quite simply because merino wool is a living material. I can imagine you already raising your arms to the sky! But rest assured, nothing binding. The ideal is of course to wash your merino sweater by hand but a machine wash can also be suitable. On the express condition of choosing the special wool program for washing in cold water. Use a detergent specially designed for wool, non-abrasive. And do not add fabric softener. It is best to put your sweater alone in the washing machine, inside out, to avoid any friction with other textiles which could be harmful.

Also be aware that dry cleaning is not recommended for your merino sweater.

Likewise, if you have worn your sweater 3-4 times and it does not seem “dirty” to you, you can simply air it outside. As bizarre as it may sound, the oxygen will “clean” your sweater which will regain its fullness and softness naturally.

  • Just as careful spinning and drying

In the machine, the spinning will not exceed 600 revolutions / minute, or even less if your washing machine allows it. By hand, wring out your men’s merino sweater by rolling it in a terry towel.

For drying, nothing complicated either. Especially no hanger but dry flat, ideally on a dry towel.

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